7 Things You Must Know About Sex


Everybody thinks they know everything they need to know about sex. However, if it was so simple, there wouldn’t be so many people in need of sex therapy, marriage and relationship counseling, and there certainly wouldn’t be so many relationships ending in divorce.

Here are seven truths you need to know about sex:

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This Maths Teacher Let His Students Have Sex In The Classroom

Quentin Wright

A middle school math teacher in Georgia is accused of allowing students to have sex in a classroom.

Quentin Wright, 25, was arrested Tuesday after being charged with four counts of contributing to the delinquency of a minor. Wright taught math at The Champion School in Stone Mountain, Ga. Continue reading

Top 5 Things Nigerian Women Want In A Man


There are several things a woman would want in a man she is considering having a relationship with or marrying, but there are some basic ones that tells them the man could make a good partner.

We approached a few Nigerian women and ask them to share their most preferred attributes in a partner.

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10 Steps To Great Oral Sex


Want to drive him crazy? Want him to drive you crazy? Going south is a mainstay for some, a rare special occasion for others – but when you are at it, following the right steps can take it from hot to mind-blowing.

First of all, stop thinking of it as a job. Going down on your partner—or having them go down on you—can lead to the most explosive orgasms either of you have ever had. For many of us, there’s no bigger turn-on—or feeling of empowerment—than being solely in control of someone else’s pleasure.  It can drive up the pleasure point if an act of foreplay, or be an incredibly fun main event—even better when the favor is returned!

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WARNING: Ten Types Of Men You Should Never Marry


Earlier today, we presented you with the 10 kinds of women men should avoid getting married to.

Well, it is not just the men who should be wary when it comes to choosing a life partner, a woman should also keep her eyes open.

Below are the 10 kinds of men women should think twice about tying the knots with.

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WARNING: 10 Types Of Women You Should Never Marry


While we can all agree that nobody is perfect, there are actually a few things that would adversely affect a relationship if a man chooses to partner with a woman with some not-so-great attributes.

Here is a list of the 10 kinds of woman a man should think twice about making a wife.

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My Husband’s Whore


Wunmi was bored. It was a Tuesday morning and she was in the kitchen making breakfast for her husband of one year. Oats and Akara. The same breakfast she made every Tuesday. Tolu liked routine. He likes predictability. He liked waking up in the morning and the day basically planned out for him, down to what he would eat. That was one big difference between them both, but she loved him. Who wouldn’t? Continue reading