STORY: Sex In The Club


When you own the club you do not really enjoy the night. So he watched. Motivation had just come on and he saw her, standing or really just dancing by herself, moving to Kelly Rowland’s Motivation fluidly, swaying her ample hips to the rhythm. By herself. He moved to her slowly and asked ‘may i dance with you? She looked him over, once, twice because she was checking him out, then nodded assent. Continue reading

Top 5 Biggest Mistakes Men Make In Relationships


A lot of times, good people mess up intimate relationships unintentionally.

Making efforts, knowing what your partner wants and doing it the proper way plus much more is surely something that make two people who are in love go a very long way.

Without too much ado, here are top 5 mistakes men make that totally mess up their relationships.

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When Men Enjoy Sex Most And Why


It has always been a mystery why a large proportion of men prefer to have sex early in the morning, while women prefer to have it at night.

The mystery is now solved, as it has been shown that men feel at their sexiest when they wake up in the morning, while a woman wants to go back to sleep just at that time. Conversely, most women get freaky at night when the man is just ready to hit the bed and has no desire for sex. All he might want to do is to cuddle a bit and then snore off, leaving the woman to her fate. Continue reading

STORY: In The Club


The club was insanely loud. Lagos clubs usually are. Party girls and boys littered the not-so-large space on the dance-floor. I was tired and I decided to sit this dance out. My boyfriend was somewhere in the bar, trying to get us drinks. I tried to catch a glimpse of him but it was impossible through the crowd. My eyes caught something I was not searching for. Continue reading

Rihanna Goes Topless, Shows Off Pierced Nipples


Rihanna has once again showed her sexy side in a new super revealing photoshoot!

It seems that a 26-year-old pop star also succumbed to a new Fifty Shades Of Grey craze as she poses in a fetish lingerie for AnOther Magazine. RiRi even exposes a pierces nipple in one of the topless shots. Taking to Instagram, the 26-year-old said,“My cover celebrating McQueen present, past and future.”

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STORY: The Delayed Parole

black-couple-kissing-pfShe called that she was downstairs, I really wanted to believe but the fact is she had cancelled parole at the last minute several times at least 7 times. Did I really want her to come? Yes, absolutely. Was I sure she was downstairs, Maybe and maybe not but I seriously wanted her to come.

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7 Reasons You Should Kiss More


Ever had that kind of kiss that swept you off your feet, the kind that gives you butterflies, leaves you light-headed, with your fingers and toes tingling?

There is nothing like that feeling you get from a great kiss. It turns out kisses don’t only give you butterflies but are great and can actually benefit you in a number of ways.

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