Erotic Story: Ekaette and Her Sweet Oga


Na only me help madam carry her bag enter the car, the mumu driver dey there, dey look me as I dey struggle with am, the guy don try toast me since. Anytime, madam send am come house to carry somtin, he go try toast me say make I marry am, who wan marry that mumu dirty old man wey I no even know whether him prick go work sef.

Abeggy, make he go die jare, make he no use him own reagge spoil my blues. The person wey dey chop this my sweet toto, wey be say na only him I dey give chop, na that useless sule mechanic wey dey bus- stop, but this Suleiman own ehnnn, him own biko.

Chai!!!! Continue reading

5 Kama Sutra Positions You Should Try


Looking to move beyond missionary? Try turning to the Kama Sutra—the ancient sex bible that’s full of bizarre, awkward, and ridiculously acrobatic sex positions that most of us have never tried.

While that might sound uninviting, there’s a reason that the Kama Sutra has been a go-to sex position guide for thousands of years. If you really want to try a certain position, you’re going to need a positive and excited energy that will make it fun and pleasurable no matter what the angle. So if you’re ready to spice up your sex life, try these 5 bizarre-but-hot sex positions you’ll both love—or love trying! Continue reading

Erotic Story: Mr. Big


She eyed the queue for the BRT buses, it looked like she was going to miss her daily elevator encounter with her neighbor whom she dubbed Mr Big on account of having come out of her apartment one day and seeing him in his briefs. Damn! that brother was packing something serious and she had vowed to get herself some of that. Continue reading

PHOTOS: “That’s My Pussy And I’m Going To Take It Back Now” : How This Porn Star Was Brutally Beaten By Ex-boyfriend


American Porn star, Christy Mack was has shared on social media pictures of her injuries she says she got from former boyfriend, who beat her to a pulp. Continue reading

5 Ways to Seduce Her with Your Mouth


You probably know one surefire way to turn her on using your mouth. But that’s not what this story is about. That comes later.

Instead, this is about those first moments after you catch her eye across the bar and she flashes you an inviting “come give me your best shot” smile. Obviously, she’s checked out your look and your posture, the way you interact with your buddies, and all the other subtle cues evolution has pre-programmed her brain to search for when evaluating a potential mate.

From here on out, your mouth will decide whether she deems you a keeper or tosses you back into the pond with your pals. Don’t flounder. Continue reading

Is a ‘Nipple Orgasm’ a Real Thing?


If you’re lucky enough to have a supple pair of breasts land right in your face, what’s your plan of action? Sure, you could squeeze them, suck on them, or simply just admire them—and you‘d definitely enjoy that. But how do you send her the most pleasure via her breasts—and possibly even make her orgasm?  Continue reading

Erotic Story: Cum All Over Me


“Do you like that” she asks, as I stand at the end of the bed, stroking my cock, looking at her, those silky smooth thighs spread so far apart, her wet, parted pussy, so inviting. I look at that swollen pussy, its puffy aroused outer lips, those inner ones, protruding, so inviting, tempting me to lick them, part them and lick at the wetness trapped between them. Continue reading