New Sex Positions For Every Room In The House


One of the best ways to liven up your sex life? Switch things up. And what’s more out of the ordinary than getting intimate outside of the bedroom? Enticing sexual opportunities abound throughout your house, but you may not know where (or how) to get started. Check out the best ways to get busy in each area of your home. Continue reading

10 Rules For Talking Dirty In Bed

black-couple-kissing- TFL

Talking dirty is a skill that all men should master; it’s a great way to turn her on or spice things up in the bedroom. But it’s not easy, and there’s no right or wrong way to do it because every relationship is different and every woman likes different things. There’s a fine line between dirty talk and disgusting talk, and it’s hard to find a balance. Continue reading

8 Sex Conversations Every Couple Must Have

couple talking

It goes without saying that you’d like to enjoy making love to your partner; yet, nearly every other aspect of sex calls for a chat. Here’s why: Couples who discuss tricky topics effectively are 10 times more likely to have a happy relationship than those who ignore difficult subject. Continue reading

Abuja Commercial Sex Workers Given Ultimatum


Authorities in Abuja have reportedly given commercial sex workers in the city a 2-day ultimatum to leave the city or be prosecuted.

According to City People News, individuals who patronize the sex workers were not left out as they were also threatened with death sentence. Continue reading

Is Bigger Always Better When It Comes To Penis Sizes?

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In recent times, the rate at which the human race worries over the sizes of  all the ‘equipments’ it has been endowed with is alarming.

Men and women alike wake up each day trying to enhance all the features that make them who they really are. It also isn’t surprising again to hear about boobs, penis, butts enlargement and the rest but in all, everything still boils down to the fact that many thoughts have been filtered by the porn industry. Continue reading

How To Determine If You Are Truly “In Love” Or Just “In Lust”


True love is often confused with lust. Here’s how to know for sure what your feelings really are.

Moving from “like” to “love” is one of the most important transitions a couple can make. Unfortunately, it’s also one of the most misunderstood ones. Continue reading