The Black Knight


She saw him from around the corner, she quickly backed up before he looked up and noticed her.

Her breathing got heavier.. There he was, she already knew she was attracted to him. She admired his physique, his bulging muscles that paired up well with his glistening dark skin. His facial expression was cool and collected, his confidence radiated, he looked unstoppable. Continue reading

How To Put On Male Condom Correctly

condom1When things get up close and personal, the rule is always “better safe than sorry.” If you’re new to sex, or getting back into the dating scene after a long-term relationship has ended, condoms are a must-have accessory.

Remember that condoms are your best defense against sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) including HIV. They are also fairly effective at their original role as a contraceptive device. To properly use a male condom, follow these simple instructions: Continue reading

Jane and Her Boss


Jane unpacked the last of the boxes and looked around. It wasn’t too bad for her first home. The rented one-bedroom apartment was sparsely furnished with the furniture from her room back home and some used pieces that she’d managed to pick up along the way. She felt so grown-up. 21 years old, her first job, and she was living in town, 2 hours’ drive from her parents’ house. Her life was truly going to begin now. Continue reading