10 Things Women Do Wrong In Bed


Regardless of how many times you’ve done the deed, you’ve probably had a moment or two where you thought to yourself, “Wait, am I even doing this right?” or “Does he actually like this?”

To clear things up on those awkward, cringeworthy bedroom moments, we went straight to the source. We asked these 13 men to dish on what we’ve been getting wrong all this time between the sheets, from what we’re doing to what we’re not doing. As for the things women are getting horribly wrong between the sheets? Well, it ranges from using your teeth during blow jobs to subtly faking orgasms. Continue reading

The Art Of Rough Sex


Here is how she really wants it in the bedroom.

Making love is an integral part of most couple’s lives, and while some couples stick to the basic, vanilla sex, others opt to venture into more dangerous territory, hence rough sex.

Rough sex need not involve violence (unless she’s into that sort of thing), but it can be whatever you want it to be and you can take it as far as you and your woman are willing to go. Continue reading

EROTIC STORY: My Best Friend, Bucky


God, I hated when  it rained.

It was hard to hear anything above the thunder and the incessant drumming of rain upon the roof, but I did. Three loud bashes on my door threatened to take it off its hinges. It startled me from my assignment which was due in the next few days. If I was not already saturated with information I might have ignored it, but as it was I needed a break from all the facts and numbers, numbers, numbers from the compulsory accountancy course shared across several disciplines. I still do not understand what Psychology has to do with Accountancy.

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Singer, Adokiye Tells Us Why She’s Still A Virgin


Controversial singer cum actress, Adokiye Kyrian popularly known as Adokiye has revealed that there is no sexual harassment in Nollywood.

The actress who recently revealed that she is  a virgin was interviewed by Vanguard and she said so many thing bothering on Nollywood and the movie industry ethics. The delectable singer, who recently challenged Boko Haram to deflower her so as to release the kidnapped Chibok girls, always seems to have her hands on the pulse of things. Continue reading

4 Dangerous Sex Positions


Injuries during sex are unusual. When they do happen, they tend to happen because of where you’re having sex—not how you’re doing it. Because your footing or other means of support are unfamiliar, sex in unusual places—say, on your office desk or in an airplane lavatory—are a lot more likely to lead to injuries than a complicated pose.

That said, there are a few positions that are more likely than others to result in injury. From strained back muscles to the dreaded “broken penis,” here are four you may want to avoid—or at the very least treat with respect. Continue reading

EROTIC STORY: The First Date


It’s funny how people think since you’re single, you’re miserable. It’s quite the opposite actually (for me though, as I’m fine). Few weeks ago, my friend’s girlfriend decided to hook me up with her friend because she thought I’m too shy to meet a girl on my own. The truth is that I have more sex than they think. She hooked me up with said friend a few days to valentine. Of course, I knew the implication of that but I couldn’t turn down the offer. Continue reading

Positions To Make Oral Sex Even Hotter

orrllGoing down is pretty high up there among our favorite things to do, but the same old routine is going to feel, well, routine, after a while. If you’re looking to add extra sprinkles to your ice cream cone, there’s a lot of ways to spice up the position!

Oral sex has a built-in power dynamic that can tip either way. If she likes being submissive, try a position where you’re in control. She’s feeling powerful? Let her climb on top and express that urge! Either way, use your hands. A lot. Hands can add to the overall sensation and create a fantastic experience for both of you. Continue reading

10 Reasons Women Love Bad Boys

Admit it. At one point, you want to try something that everybody tells you not to. The idea of the danger is exciting. The thrill is too tempting to resist. And because we are irrational beings (men and women alike), we sometimes get ourselves into messy situations. We want to have as many experiences as possible. We are blinded by emotions, we lost reason. We will risk anything for what we believe as love.
Sometimes we make silly decisions that we know we will regret in the end—pretty much like everything in life and not just in choosing a partner.
Sometimes we get the happily every after we dream of. Most of the time we fail.
What’s important is in the end, we learn a valuable lesson. We may choose bad boys at first but we will always strive to bring out the nice guy in them. Because the truth is, women still want to marry the nice guy.
So, here are some possible reasons why women might want to go for the bad boy;

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