The Hotel Fling


We walked towards the elevator. We were going up a couple of floors, alone. The tension would break the blade of a knife. He tried to reach out to touch my hand and I moved away. I couldn’t touch him yet. I wanted us to make it to the room. How long was this elevator going to take? Was I going to beg it to move faster? Was it slower than normal? Finally, it stopped and opened up. Continue reading

The Boardroom & The Bedroom: How Sex Can Help Your Career


Sex can help your career. Yes, you read right. Having more sex can not only help decrease your stress levels at work, but could lead to a raise.

According to recent studies, there are five ways in which sex can help your career.

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8 Times You’re Misreading Her Sexual Language


Here’s a scary thought: you could be completely wrong about how good you are in bed. You could be reading her signals to “please stop that right now!” as signals to keep going. Because every little sound and movement is so subtle when you’re in the act, it’s easy to have little misunderstandings that stop her from experiencing the big O. Here are times you’re misreading her sexual language.

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Meet 19-Year-Old Girl Who Plans To Sleep With Different Men In Every City She Visits

ju peng

19-year-old Chinese girl, Ju Peng who resides in Shanghai, and is currently on tour in China has made it known that she has plans to be intimate with men in every city she visits. She says she plans to have sex with different men in all the cities she steps into. Continue reading

Erotic Story: Once You Go Black


One of my greatest fantasies was to shag a white girl. Considering I did not know any white girl beyond those I have claimed on TV, that item on my bucket list remained what it was, a fantasy.

Bucket lists are very important to me and since I had decided to do my masters abroad it seemed like it was going to be ticked sooner rather than later. Continue reading