The Simple Thing That Could Save Your Sex Life


It’s simpler than you may think. If you or your partner really dislike condoms, it’s likely that finding the right condom size will dramatically improve your sex life.

While the concept of correct condom size is rarely taught in schools, it is the most critical factor to both increasing your safety — and your pleasure with condoms. Continue reading

Erotic Story: Drivin’ Me Crazy


It was getting late. Standing at the surprisingly crowded bus-stop in central Lagos at 10:33pm on a Friday night was not how I thought I will be ending the day. I was exhausted, confused, horny and frankly pissed off.

I have been waiting to board a bus for almost two hours, my white shirt clinging to my sweaty skin and my grey-colored tie looking so rumpled, some might think I got in a fight. Spending most of the evening cooped up in a meeting with my married female boss who I find extremely sexually attractive did nothing to improve my mood and knowing I am going back to my empty apartment with nothing but porn for company is also not helping. So you can only imagine my frustration at being stuck at the bus-stop for such a long time and have not been able to board a bus to get to my depressing apartment. Continue reading

11 Ways Porn Misleads Women About Sex


Anyone who has watched even a few minutes of porn may end up with some very particular ideas about what real-world sex entails.

Porn — at least, the kind where super-toned, hairless women are penetrated in a variety of acrobatic positions by equally toned men — is full of myths about sex. Continue reading

VIDEO CLIP: Maheeda Releases Explicit Video For Her New Single “Naija Bad Girl”


“Naija bad girl” Maheeda continues spicing up the interest of her fans by sharing revealing photos and videos.

The controversial singer has released the video for her popular single, Naija Bad Girl.

Watch below:

Continue reading

5 Playful Ways To Spend Valentine’s Day With Your Spouse


In today’s world, there’s so much to do and so much information to attend to. Clearly, all of this affects the quality of your partnership. And when you add this to the already natural flow of relationships where people tend to take each other for granted, and it’s likely a couple will start to feel disconnected from one another.

Well, Valentine’s Day is fast approaching and it serves as a great time to snap us out of our busy lives and remind us that it’s important to pay attention to our significant other. Continue reading

TIPS FOR WOMEN: Five Ways To Delay His Orgasm


It takes men an average of five to six minutes to reach orgasm, while it takes women an average of 15 to 20 minutes. That’s called the ‘Orgasm Gap,’ and it’s an issue that almost all couples have to deal with at some point in their sex lives.

Luckily, techniques exist to help overcome the problem. Continue reading

AAAAWW! Beyonce and Jay-z Get Sexy During Grammy Performance


Jay Z and Beyoncé are definitely too hot for the Grammys’ PG rating!

Last night, the couple who are normally über private in public places, probably had quite a few young folks wondering how to grain on that wood, and “surfboard” as they opened the Grammy Awards with “Drunk In Love.” Continue reading

What Makes You Come


For the past couple of weeks, I have been asking my friends that particular question during our conversations about sex.

Now, when I ask that question I’m not talking about the act of sex in general. I am talking about triggers, the things that tip a person over the edge. Continue reading