Porn Moves You Should Never Use In Real Life


Unfortunately for their female partners, many young men these days learn what to do in the bedroom by watching pornography. Let’s be clear about this right off the bat: Porn stars are not real people. What looks like a great idea on video may not translate well into a real-life sexual encounter with your woman. Continue reading

EROTIC STORY: My New Neighbour


Moving to a new place was always a problem. I looked at my new house… I loved town houses. As the moving truck backed into the compound, one of my neighbours walks out of his town house. He had a woman with him. She was pretty and he wasn’t so bad himself. He looked really nice but I wasn’t too concerned. He smiled at me and I returned the favour. It seemed like he was still looking because I felt strange eyes on me.Not more than 30 minutes later, he was back. Continue reading

Erotic Story: My Boss – In Bed and Out


I was 26 years old and the only thing I had done with a guy was kissing. I never thought I would end up like this socially. I always felt when I started college, things would change and I would be the nerd who became the social butterfly but I was still a caterpillar, not evolving. Continue reading

Erotic Story: A Friendly Night


We lie near each other, and with the lights out, I can’t see at all. You suggest we cuddle and we will, but I know I won’t be able to sleep. I go with it anyway, slowly moving toward you. I reach out, and my hand slides across your stomach. We both flinch as we can’t see any of our movements. Eventually though, we adjust to the unfamiliar closeness and relax in a typical spooning position.
Continue reading

VIDEO: Check Out First Ever Ad That Promotes Sex


An artist from Slovakia has produced the world’s first commercial video to promote sex.

The film-maker Matus The First said that the idea of the clip is to promote sex as a leisure activity that ‘should be more widely enjoyed’. He claims it is the world’s first promotional video clip for sex. Continue reading