The Corper’s Sexcapade


It took Herculean effort on my part, to wake up 3am in the morning, every morning, for the past week and a half. I was fed up, tired, irritated, hungry, and angry, half the time. Being called an ‘Otondo Corper’ didn’t help my demeanor.

I despised the soldiers and colleagues as well, they were all so uncouth, shouting ‘double up!’ almost every time I hit the streets of Calabar camp. I had lost all zest for life, as being posted to where I didn’t want, meant to me that my life was on hold for a whole year. Continue reading

Orgasm Decoded: A Guide For Women


Coming’ isn’t that easy, if you’re a woman. Nearly all men can climax without difficulty, but women just aren’t built that way. Unfortunately, not everyone knows this all-important fact – even in late 2014.

This is partly because books, films and – most of all – internet porn paint a picture in which today’s females are hot and raring to go, and in an almost constant state of sexual ecstasy. Continue reading

Group Sex: Watching The Girl I Love

When I was 25 an incident occurred that changed my life forever. I was dating a girl named Alex who I had met when I was 14, but she moved away when we were 15 so we didn’t have the chance to really be together. We stayed loyal to each other for years and met up in college. Once we were out of college we lived together and worked the usual 9 to 5 jobs. Everything was going well and we were planning on getting married the following year. Continue reading

PHOTOS/VIDEO: Miley Cyrus Goes Topless In New Photos


After seeing Kim Kardashian‘s, well, everything this week, watching Miley Cyrus prance around topless in nothing but a pair of sheer tights doesn’t really evoke the shock value that she probably imagined it would. Continue reading

Blindfolded And Iced…


I lie on the bed in the dark lit room. I’m still dressed in the black dress I wore out that evening. I hear a noise and feel his presence near me. I look up to see him walk through the door. He smiles at me. Not a warm smile but a cold sexual smile, his eyes scream power and desire. I feel my heart rate accelerate as I begin to anticipate his moves. He walks towards the bed where I lie. As he reaches me I feel a strong pull like a magnetic field drawing me to him. The need to be close to him so strong. I sit up as he reaches me staring into his dark eyes.
Continue reading