Get Kinky: 10 Hard-Core Sex Tips for First Timers



If you’re bored of plain vanilla sex and are looking for something kinky and crazy, you’ve come to the right place.

You will see how to dismiss the initial awkwardness and have an absolutely crazy and wild time with your partner. So, bring out the blindfolds, handcuffs and gags, it’s time for bondage sex. Continue reading

“Touch Your Cock For Me”


I had edged him over and over again in the hours that came before. He was pliant for the moment, but with no release, he was near the point where his want jams up against his willingness to obey me.

I love that point — it’s where I get to watch the struggle in his head.

“Touch your cock for me.” Continue reading

Erotic Story: “Cumming Without You”


All day my body had been reaching out for you. Recognizing the lazy, calm evening ahead, I played with it’s hunger and fed it’s appetite with erotic stories and images until I craved to feel your touch and imagine your warmth around me. My nipples were constantly erect as my hunger surged forward in need with every image and sensual sentence I read. Continue reading

10 Tips For Being On Top


Question: I think I suck at being on top. I have been sleeping with a guy who really likes it and every time I do it I feel like he is disappointed. Maybe I am making it up in my head but I feel really self-conscious when I do it; like I am missing something.  Am I a dud on top? I feel like an idiot up there. Teach my the ways. Continue reading