Chuma’s Dilemma


Chuma lay in the dark and tried to stop his dick from rising. He tried – and failed – to stop his ears hearing his girlfriend Amanda disrobe.  First the tud tud of her cloth-covered buttons as they slid roughly out of the button holes. He could hear it slide over her shoulders, her arms and drop to the floor. Chuma pictured the downy, fair hair on her arms. In even the weakest sunlight, she seemed to be covered by a layer of beach sand. He thought about how that blonde hair lightened, became almost white against her orangey skin in the summer. Continue reading

Miley Cyrus Goes Topless During Vacation With Boyfriend

*EXCLUSIVE*  Miley Cyrus goes topless **WEB EMBARGO UNTIL 16:00 PST 01/26/2015** *MUST CALL FOR PRICING*

Miley Cyrus sure is having a great time in Hawaii.

Paparazzi caught 22-year-old pop star going topless while having fun with the son of Arnold Schwarzenegger and Maria Shriver in Hawaii.

(Explicit photos after the cut)

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FOREPLAY: 5 Delicious Ways To Get You Both in The Mood


Anticipation is half the fun … so don’t rush pre-game!

Most women want more foreplay before they enjoy the pleasures of intercourse. Foreplay is essential to building sufficient arousal before penetration of any kind, and most of us can’t get enough.

To that end, here are five fantastic ways to enjoyably extend foreplay every time you make love. Continue reading

10 Reasons Women Remain In Abusive Relationships


Relationship abuse is a pattern of abusive used to maintain power and control over a partner.

Abuse can be emotional, financial, sexual or physical and can include threats, isolation, and intimidation.

It’s nothing new for women to stick to partners who beat them black and blue on a daily basis.

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The Prom Night


By Guest Writer.

Her name was Rukayaat. All through our secondary school period my eyes were on her and I always felt and wish she felt the same. What made me want her the more was; apart from her Sexy behind, and voluptuous breasts, no boy had ever ‘smooshed’ her – a word we secondary students used as relating to romance.

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Say Nothing


The announcement came over the cabin, “The local time is 7:35 pm. The current weather is 83 degrees. If you are catching a connecting flight, the gate agent will provide you with the updated gates. If this is your final destination, Welcome to Miami. Thank you flying Delta.”

The sound of the announcement woke her from her quick nap. She pulled out her cell phone and it immediately came to life with the missed notifications from the hour and a half flight. They were all from one person, Ray.

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