EROTIC STORY: Richard’s Revenge


Richard was fixated on his blackberry, furiously attacked the keypad. He typed and laughed, and then typed some more. Sometimes, the laughter was longer, other times, he just chuckled.

He was at it for quite a while, oblivious to his surroundings. I watched him do this for a long while till I could no longer take it. I went over to where he sat and abruptly dragged the device from his fingers.

I hadn’t taken a step away from him when he grabbed my hand and screamed for me to return it.

“Are you alright? Have those evil spirits entered you again? Richard screamed Continue reading

Erotic Story: Lust On A Saturday Night


Teresa and I had only been together for a few weeks, just long enough for us to be confident in our feelings for one another. Even in public, I could barely keep my hands off her, and Teresa delighted in teasing me when I was least able to take advantage of her slim and inviting figure. This became a game between us, and she took every opportunity to drive me crazy with subtle touches and playful innuendos. Continue reading

Erotic Story: Ekaette and Her Sweet Oga


Na only me help madam carry her bag enter the car, the mumu driver dey there, dey look me as I dey struggle with am, the guy don try toast me since. Anytime, madam send am come house to carry somtin, he go try toast me say make I marry am, who wan marry that mumu dirty old man wey I no even know whether him prick go work sef.

Abeggy, make he go die jare, make he no use him own reagge spoil my blues. The person wey dey chop this my sweet toto, wey be say na only him I dey give chop, na that useless sule mechanic wey dey bus- stop, but this Suleiman own ehnnn, him own biko.

Chai!!!! Continue reading

Erotic Story: Cum All Over Me


“Do you like that” she asks, as I stand at the end of the bed, stroking my cock, looking at her, those silky smooth thighs spread so far apart, her wet, parted pussy, so inviting. I look at that swollen pussy, its puffy aroused outer lips, those inner ones, protruding, so inviting, tempting me to lick them, part them and lick at the wetness trapped between them. Continue reading

Erotic Story: The Massage


She opened the door wearing her little black dress. She watched as he walked across the yard and up the porch steps. There was a faint smile on his lips and in his eyes. She knew he could see her silhouette as she stood at the door. He liked what he saw.

She opened the storm door, he took her in his arms and they kissed passionately and unabashedly at the threshold. When they parted she took him by the hand and led him to the bedroom. She led him to sit and took off his shirt. Continue reading

Erotic Story: The Wedding Night


Finally, it was all over!

The long awaited day that I and Jumoke, my newly wedded wife had been looking forward to. The days before the wedding had been extremely hectic. We’d made plans and arrangements all month long. We’d fasted and prayed and gone for various counseling classes at the church. We had been prepared for the wedding day  months before it came.

I’d been so anxious,  I had been so careful so as not to stutter while saying my vows. My hands shivered when I slipped Jumoke’s ring on her finger. She had given me a knowing look and smiled, assuring me that all would be fine. That look that meant we will be fine, we’ll get through thick and thin, I never felt better my whole life. I really wanted to sigh at the altar but I couldn’t. Continue reading

Erotic Story: Naughty Sex With The Sexy Night Nurse


So, here is how I met my Ex-husband:

Let me not romanticize it. It wasn’t in some mall or social event or all those nice places. I looked tired and drawn,  and felt like shit the night he walked in, stood over my bed, smiled and said,

“Hi, my name is (okay name withheld), and I’m going to be your nurse for the night. Let me know if you need anything or have any complaints.” Continue reading

Diary Of A Sex Freak – Part 2


Men in the position of power thrill me…

I figured this out the first time I screwed my lecturer. He was the epitome of tall, dark and handsome. First time I had to take his class, all I could think about was ripping of his crisp, blue shirt and leaving him weak-kneed as I ride him to a point of oblivion.

On a cool, Wednesday afternoon, I got my chance. Continue reading

Erotic Story: The Bach Eve



Weddings are just so exhausting, I have been running helter skelter trying to finalize all the arrangements. Neither my phone nor myself have been able to catch a break all week, the preparations have been getting the better of me.

My phone has started vibrating again, and this time around it’s the woman of my life calling. I won’t say I have been in love with her from the first moment we saw, but more like she has always been there waiting for me. Continue reading