10 Things Men Do in Bedroom That Nigerian Women Hate


There are thousands of men out there who believe they are God’s gift to women when it comes to the bedroom. Sadly enough, most of these men are wrong. Women do not find it very easy letting there men know they are not as good as they are due to the fact that they believe it would leave the men’s ego bruised. This in turn, leads to men who continually do the same wrong things and believe they are getting it right. Continue reading

6 Most Dangerous Sex Positions, And Why


No doubt, sex is the most fun and exciting past-time a couple can engage in. But just because it feels good does not necessarily mean there are no dangers involved.

A few sex acts have been known to cause really harmful injuries to either partners. Take a look at some of them below. Continue reading

10 Signs She Will Make A Good Wife


It is certainly not an easy decision to choose a partner in marriage. A lot of people have made the mistake of choosing wrongly and this usually end up costing them a lot.

As they say, a broken relationship is better than a broken marriage. So before you walk down the aisle with the woman you are dating, do consider the simple signs below that she would make a good wife for you. Continue reading

ONLINE DATING: How To Get Her To Fall In Love With You Before You Even Meet Her

Online dating

In the age of social media, it is no surprise that people look to it to find a partner. A lot of people have been able to strike and maintain a relationship with someone they meet online, and you can too. The down side of online dating is that you are left with the challenge of impressing her and getting her to have feelings for you even before you both get a chance to meet. But there are ways around this.

Here are simple tips that can help you attract the online date of your choice and leave her with no choice but to want to meet with you. Continue reading

8 Signs He Will Be Good In Bed


Yesterday, we provided you with the signs that a woman would make a good sexual partner, but it is not just men that are interested in having a good time in bed.

There are things that also help women decide if a man would rock their world. We present the top signs that shows a man would make a pretty good sex partner. Continue reading

7 Signs She Would Be Good In Bed


Picture this: You are with a girl on a date and of course, you are thinking of what it would be like when you finally get her into bed. Only one problem, you wonder if she would be as good as you imagine.

Well, while nothing is 100 percent certain, there are a few things you can look out for that points to a potentially great lay. Continue reading

“She Is Deceitful But I Love Her”



There’s this lady I dated for two years & not more than 10% times in the relationship did I record any form of truth. She would lie about anything possible, school, age, family & finance.

I love her so much that it was not easy for me to let her go but because she couldn’t change & I was going to lose myself, in the process of the relationship I had to take the courage to leave. Continue reading