Ten Things She Might Like In Bed But Is Afraid To Ask

Hi Guys, one is for you:

I have had countless girls just go on and on to me about how much sex sucks with their man. And before you start getting that little chip on your shoulder and claiming you’re the best your girl has ever had, you should probably know that when a girl that loves you hates the sex, she is never going to tell you, no, she will rather sit with her girlfriends and whine. Yeah, I gotta admit though, it will be way easier if your girl can actually be honest with you about what she likes, but we can get a little shy sometimes, so, looks like we all have to learn to deal.No need to panic though, I’m not saying your girl might might want you to do something freaky, like ask to watch you screw your dog or something (at least I hope not), but there are some basic things you can do that will have her singing your praises around town in no time, and will leave her girlfriends so freaking envious, they’d probably start chasing after you.

1. She wants to be eaten out more: I know some guys that would swear their girls hate this when she really doesn’t. Thing is, she might be feeling a little bit self conscious having your mouth down there. Oral sex is a completely different sensation from the real thing when it comes to girls so if you are trying this on her for the first time, she might be a little hesitant. Here is how to go about it. Ease her into it very gently, stroke her inner thighs and tell her as often as you can how sexy her pussy is, how great it smells and how much you would want to taste it. Make her feel like she’s got the best pussy in the world and trust me, she would be opening those legs for you in no time. Remember, there is a chance that oral sex really isn’t her thing though. If it looks like she really isn’t into it, don’t push it. Try something else.


2. She wants to fool around in public. I’m not saying you should rip off her clothes at a party, because public sex can sometimes be a little messy. But having some heavy make-out-sessions at the corner of a bar, at the movies, back seat of a car can be very exciting. She would most likely not want to ask you for this because she is scared you might lose respect for her, so how do you know if she would like this? Well the key here is communication. Bring up the topic when you guys are talking, and ask her what she thinks. You can also bring it up when something like that comes up on TV or something and ask her if she thinks it’s sexy.



3. She wants to be dominated. Even tough, big-mouthed women can like to get dominated in bed from time to time. OK here is where it get’s a little tricky. You want to dominate her without actually making it feel like you’re raping her. But with tons of trust and communication, she’ll be creaming her panties in no time! You just need to take baby steps and constantly read her body language to make sure she’s comfortable, both physically and emotionally. It is also a good idea to have a ‘safe word’ she can use when she fees like you are going too far. For instance, if she says ‘no no no’ when she is uncomfortable, you might think she is actually enjoying it and moaning ”ooohh nooo’ or something, so your safe word shouldn’t be No. A good idea is the phrase “I want you to stop now!” as this makes it very clear. Also, if you are thinking of dominating your woman, try taking it slow. Don’t suddenly start barking out words like ‘slut’ unless you are absolutely sure it’s something she likes. Play around with restraints- loose restraints and keep it light and fun.

4. She wants to dominate you. In this case, it looks like the ball is in her court. But she might be too shy to ask you to be the submissive one, just in case you might not like it. If this is something you will enjoy, here’s how to let her know. If your girl loves the cowgirl sex position, say things like “I just Love you in control, it gets me so hot” or let her know you will like her to give you a Blow Job while you are blindfolded. That can get things going for her and if she finds her inner Dominatrix, you’re a lucky man.



5. She wants to be spanked. Lightly spanking a woman (i.e., nothing that could cause a bruise) can feel amazing for both of you: I’ve heard lots of women say that getting spanked sends lots of tingly feelings to their vaginal and anal areas. Sometimes a girl might have a hard time finding the words to ask to be spanked. The key is to take baby steps. While you’re making out, touch her ass a lot; squeeze it, rub it; show her you think her booty is a-maz-ing. Whisper in her ear, “Can I give you a little spank?” If she says yes, do it once, softly. Ask, “Do you like that?” If she says yes, ask if you can do it a few more times, all the while kissing her and still squeezing and rubbing her ass. Then you should probably stop. Next time you guys are cuddling, bring up how you liked giving her little spanks and ask if she wants to try it again sometime. If she’s receptive, ask her if she wants you to do it harder or if she’d like to lie in your lap while you spank her. Once again, Do not call her names or humiliate her unless she tells you that’s what she wants. Even if your woman really likes getting spanked, it’s important to remember that spanking is still hitting and you need to make it 100 percent absolutely clear that you’re only doing it in the context of sexual arousal.

6. Masturbation. Masturbation is a healthy part of life, so why not share it with your partner? If you’re not too shy, put your guard down and let her watch as you get acquainted with yourself. The whole process of watching you getting it on with yourself can be very appealing. The big perk for you is that after she watches you please yourself, she might get a few new ideas or tips on how she can improve the way she pleases you. Everybody wins.

7. Sex Toys. Sex toys are a fun and exciting way to put some heat back in the bedroom. You can take baby steps and begin with heated and flavored massage oils, then try applying some orgasm-enhancing lubricant to her pussy, and finally, you can use a vibrator on her. Once you’re both feeling a little more adventurous, you can tackle the world of dildos, anal probes and beads. Use them on her, let her use them on you, take turns, or find a way to use them on each other at the same time. Regardless of how you do it, this bit of kink is sure to kick-start a heated sexual frenzy.


8. Role Playing. Role-playing might be on her “must try” list of sexual fantasies. Sometimes it can feel really great getting to be someone else in bed for a while. It might feel odd at first, so start small. Talk about your sexual fantasies, for instance, she might have always fantasized being fucked by a doctor, this is relatively a good starting point, then you can start bringing in more and more characters and before you know it, your sex life would be positively sizzling.
9.Pole Dancing. It’s no secret that most guys would love to see their significant other do a private sexy dance for them. Some couples even go as far as to have poles installed in their bedrooms. I am sure she has thought about strutting on a pole for you, but she might be shy ’cause she thinks she might not look sexy doing it. Boost her ego, let her know you love watching her dance. Encourage her to a point where she feels that even if she doesn’t do it right, you will still find it sexy. Pole dancing is an art and trust me, after a few tries, she would be ready to give you your on private little show whenever you want.
10. Threesome. For the more adventurous, thrill-seeking woman, adding someone new into the mix might be interesting. That’s right — having a threesome isn’t necessarily only yourfantasy. Some women have also entertained the idea. For those of you who are deterred by the idea of sharing your woman with another man, or just by the idea of being in bed with another man, don’t worry because another female fantasy that might come into play here is her desire to be with another woman.

Something important to note — before you start running a list of her friends through your head as possible candidates — is that threesomes might be dangerous for a relationship. So, make sure you discuss it thoroughly beforehand and you both understand what the boundaries and limits are.

One thing to remember, when bringing new ideas and tricks into the bedroom is that Communication is important. Be able to express yourself clearly to avoid misunderstanding and embarrassment. Sex should be fun, and should never be obligatory. Never make your partner pressured and you’d be sure to have an awesome sexual experience each time.

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