For the Fierce Fellas: Freaky Ways To Turn Her On.

There are different ways to get her in the mood. It doesn’t take some special skills to know how to turn your woman on, all you need to do is know exactly what buttons to push at what times. In this article, I’d outline the ways to use her mood and state of mind to your advantage. 😉 Yeah, you’re welcome guys.


When She’s Excited:

As she’s surfing an adrenaline high, tons of hormones rush through her body, fueling her giddy state. You can hijack that buzz by coming on strong: Walk up behind her, wrap your arms around her waist, press your crotch into her backside, and plant a hot kiss on the side of her neck. Your take-no-prisoners move will release dopamine into her system-a chemical that sparks reactions in the brain’s pleasure centers, igniting feelings of bliss and intensifying her desire for you. Mission accomplished.

What not to do:
Pour her a glass of wine. By getting her to relax, you’ll dampen her high-intensity adrenaline.



When She’s Feeling/Acting Silly:

When a woman is feeling goofy, she wants you to be playful with her as well. If that sounds like an invitation to get hands-on, that’s because it is. Start by tickling her or by giving her a flirty spank. Your goal: Get physical while keeping her laughing, because humor is an awesome aphrodisiac. Once you have her giggling, take the flirting up a notch by grabbing her by the butt and pulling her toward your hips. The motion simulates sex, which will kick those naughty thoughts into gear.

What not to do:
Act overly sarcastic. Women like dry humor, but a little goes a long way.


When She’s Relaxed;

She might not be ready to jump your bones, but if she’s relaxed, it won’t take much to get her there. First, slowly pull her close, so that she’s leaning against your chest. The warmth of your body against hers will cause her brain to release a surge of oxytocin, the “cuddle hormone” that boosts intimacy. After a few minutes, lightly run your hand up and down her hip to wake up her nerves. Then let your hand wander to the inside of her thigh. After that, you know what to do.

What Not to Do
Go straight for her boobs or butt. She wants to chill, so a too-direct approach will shut her off.

When She’s Tired
Since the last thing she probably feels like doing is moving, acknowledging that she has zero energy up front is key if you don’t want her to turn you down. Say, “Long day, huh? Here, sit back and relax.” Then prop her feet up on your lap and massage them – it will warm her up to your touch. After a few minutes, slowly knead your way up her legs – first her calf, then her thigh, etc. If all goes well, by the time you reach her upper thigh (a supererotic spot on a woman), she’ll want more.

What Not to Do
Wait too long. She could drift off to sleep any second, so you need to act fast.

When She’s Feeling Down
Whatever she’s down about, you have to address it or she’ll keep dwelling. Ask what’s on her mind, and give her time to vent. Showing sympathy will make her feel that you’re on her side, which revs up her romantic feelings and increases her desire. Give her a tender kiss, so she feels cared for. Then take one finger and trace her waistline. Make eye contact and slip your finger further down, continuing to kiss as you go – this sends a sexual signal and transforms your kisses from sweet to lusty.

What Not to Do
Try to solve her problem. It will just irk her – what she really wants is for you to listen.

When She’s Stressed:
Probe about what’s stressing her and it will magnify the issue, since you’ll force her to focus on it. Distract her from the stress by offering to get her a drink, or challenging her to a game. The action will pump up her endorphins, so her nervous tension will dissipate. Once you sense her mood lightening, put your hand on her shoulder and stroke her upper arm in a soothing gesture. After a few seconds, pull her close and give her one more distraction: a sultry kiss that will lead to more.

What not to Do
Tell her to chill. She’ll freak and think you’re belittling her anxiety, even if you’re just trying to help.

When She’s Pissed Off;
If she’s pissed at you and you want action, you’re better off just apologizing. If she senses your sincerity, she will probably feel bad for being so worked up. Coyly ask, “How can I make it up to you?” That should lighten the mood and pave the way for you to give her a hug and squeeze her tightly to you. While still holding her, gently lead her to the nearest couch or bed, lay her down on it, and start kissing up her arm, working your way to her lips.

What not to Do;
Try to prove your point. Which feels better: winning an argument or a toe-curling climax? Yeah.

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