My Sexual Encounter With Catherine.

I was all alone for the weekend and you know how it is, solitude can make a person really horny. So I picked up my phone and called my favorite girl Cate over to spend the weekend with me. Catherine liked me so she came over ASAP.

She knew fully well what I was planning so I didn’t have much work to do. I offered her bread and jam to show my hospitality because I wasn’t ready to have her taste my terrible cooking. She didn’t eat more than a slice before she opened up to me and told me straight, “Lana, I know u want to fuck that’s why you called me over, I have missed your dick of fury (a nick-name she gave to my dick) so I’m not hungry but rather I’m very horny. I’m already wet so let’s start.”

To me her comments were like “yayyy boyyy” so I undressed as quick as possible & reached out for my back pocket to pull out bring out a condom. I wore the condom immediately because I was already very hard but catherine wasn’t too happy with my actions.

“Cate what’s the problem na?” I asked her

“You just want to enter like that?” She inquired

“uhmm, yes na or aren’t you ready?’ I asked, unsure what the problem was.

“Nawa for you o, you won’t even play with me 1st?”

“Oh I see, you have to play with me too then.”

We decided to do the 6’9 foreplay position. As expected Cate was getting the upper hand since she was a pro at sucking dicks and I rarely licked pussy. She stroked my dick hard as I played with her clitoris with my tongue. Her pussy was starting to get tasty and my hormones have started reacting due to Cate’s expertise in giving blow jobs. I could hear Cate moaning as she constantly tries to adjust her legs to contain the sweet feeling in her pussy. For once I started enjoying the foreplay.This went on for like 5 minutes and I could feel semen trying to make its way out.

“Cate cool down, cool down” I said, breathlessly

“Why na?”

“It’s coming out”

“It’s too early na”

“I know just leave the dick alone let the cum go back”

This wasn’t the 1st time something like this would happen so I decided to use a trick I learnt from my uncle -“Wank before penetration” I dragged Cate to the edge of the bed and I knelt down on the floor and started sucking her pussy and underneath I was using my hands to wank. Since cum was already on its way out it didn’t take up to 2 minutes for me to cum. Cate was not aware of all this. 2-3 minutes later, my dick was erect again so I stopped the pussy licking & wore my condom. I could see pussy juice all over Cate’s pussy and I knew she was getting there. So the real fucking began.
To be continued…


author: @LasalHunta  (twitter)

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