Sex on The Couch!

I knew he wanted me. Something about the way he looked at me, that special smile he sends my way. But it was one of those times where going after what you want would get you in sooooo much trouble.

That night he knocked on my door, I had just finished having my shower. Wrapped in a towel, I opened up. There he was in a red colored shirt and a fitted black pants. The perfect combination of colors symbolizing the journey I knew we were going to embark upon that night. Whats more, he’s got in his hands my favorite brand of wine. Damn! I didn’t need any more persuasion. We didn’t need words. He stepped in, and I slid the towel off my body to reveal my freshly washed skin, erect nipples and the look in my eyes revealed a fire that burned into his very soul.

Gently he lifted me up, set me down in the nearest couch
“Are you sure u wanna do this” he asked
“abso-fucking-lutely baby” I replied as my heart started beating faster.

With my trembling hands, I reached for his beating heart, slowly removing each buttons of his shirt as my own heart beat in unison. Gawd! He’s got the hottest bod I’ve seen in a long time. He reached for my nipples, stroking them gently as I moan in pleasure. He teased them with his fingers and almost brought me to orgasm with his touch. I reached down his pants to take his zipper down which was quite a feat because his bulging member kept getting in the way. Was so excited, couldn’t wait to wrap my hands around it, feel it beneath my palms, taste it……

Feeling it was my turn to please him, I had him sit on the couch while I go down on him. Slowly, I slipped his cock in my mouth, it was so big, I could barely fit the whole thing in. I could hear him moan as I slide my hot, wet mouth up and down his cock while doing my favorite hobby, giving him a blow job. I enjoyed pleasing him. Got my tongue all over his cock, his balls, his inner thighs, boy, was I having fun.

Realizing we both couldn’t be teased any longer; I got up and slid my pussy on his cock. Daaamnnn!! Twas the best feeling ever, I almost screamed out loud as my tight pussy walls were wrapped around his rock hard cock. Could feel him so hard and deep within me that it was all I could do not to scream like a maniac. I knew sex with him was gonna be awesome, just never realized how awesome. Sliding my pussy up and down that dick was the most amazing feeling. He kept stroking my nipples and in no time I was close to orgasm. When he felt me cumming, he grabbed my ass as tightly as he could, with his nails digging in and the mixture of pain and pleasure was so freakin’ ecstatic. I screamed out loud then, damn whoever heard. I screwed him faster than ever, determined to rock his world as much as he rocked mine. When I felt him ready to blow his load, I rode him even harder and faster, he grabbed my ass once again as I felt his cock throbbing hard in me.

Spent and exhausted, we were both laying on the ground when we realized we never got to open the bottle of wine. Guess we didn’t need it after all.

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