Be The HEADmaster In No Time; Tips For Giving Good Head

Girls often complain about their man’s inability to eat them right. And rightly so, because a lot of guys are completely clueless as to what to do down there. While getting head isn’t every girl’s cup of tea, what happens if your girl wants a little tongue action down there? Remembering these tips would make you a ‘head’ master in no time. Like I always say, no two people are the same, find out what works for your girl and rock her world, trust me guys, she’s gonna keep coming back.

If you are one of those guys that are hesitant to perform oral sex due to odors or whatever, ensuring she just got out of a shower might put you at ease. You can both shower together, enjoy a little foreplay, this should make things a lot easier. There are men who stand their ground and absolutely refuse to perform oral sex; we suggest you get over yourself, because your girl likes to receive oral sex as much as you consider a good blow job a part of foreplay.


Any licking, gentle sucking or all-around moisture from the mouth to the vaginal entrance, the labia (lips) or the clitoris will surely make her toes curl.

When you begin to give her oral sex, it’s important to start slowly. Women like it when a man takes the time to appreciate her and her body. What she won’t like is an overachiever who jumps right in with an aggressive tongue.Move your tongue freely from her inner lips to her outer labia on one side. Once you’ve done that, draw her lips into your mouth and massage them with your tongue. And since the other side will probably get jealous, move on to the other side afterward.
Are you aware that the tongue is the strongest muscle in the body. If you can rock her world with your dick, imagine what you will achieve if you are able to use your tongue right.
Not only is your tongue naturally lubricated with saliva, you can maneuver it in ways that a penis never could. So why not use your tongue to have sex with her? Thrust your tongue in and out of her vagina, and take a break from time to time to explore her insides.
When you have her as hot as a tigress in heat, the following oral sex techniques are going to drive her wild. Be sure to pay attention to her reactions and body language at all times.With her clitoris still exposed, give it quick little sucks by enveloping it with your mouth momentarily and releasing it. This will definitely have a positive effect on her entire body.

Next, take her clitoris into your mouth and gently suck on it while you simultaneously flick your tongue over and around it. You can perform this oral technique very lightly or aggressively, depending on what she likes.

If you combine these oral sex techniques with your fingers, she will have a mind-blowing orgasm virtually every time.

Never, Ever bite a woman’s pussy. Ever!

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