Stand Up and Screw; How To Have Sex Standing up.

Standing sex is a position you might want to explore, ready for those moments when you want a quickie, you just can’t wait, and you just have to have your partner NOW! Apart from the quick satisfaction of an urgent lay, there isn’t a lot of sensuousness or romance in this sex position! But if it’s what you need, what you want, and the time and the  place are right, then go for it!








Stand-up sex works best when you’re close to the same height. Facing each other in a loose embrace, have your man bend his knees to slightly lower himself so he can enter you, and then slowly rise.

To experience sensations that will drive you nuts, lean back slightly so his pelvic bone presses against your clitoris during each thrust. If you crave deeper penetration, try standing on one leg and hooking the other around his. Have him hold onto your suspended thigh to help support you. You won’t have much movement, but he can add subtle shifts in motion by rocking you back and forth.

If you’re a lightweight, or he is extra strong, there’s a step-free way to navigate this vertical position: Put your arms around his neck, have him lift you by holding onto your thighs or locking his hands beneath your butt, and wrap your legs around his hips. You’ll make the position less strenuous and be better able to synchronize every move if you lean against a wall or other solid surface.




For even more vertical variety, stand with your back to him, bend at the waist, and have him enter you from behind (as in the picture below). Not only will he be able to achieve an extra- deep penetration, but his hands will be free to tease and please the rest of you.



Warning (For The Guys) ;If you’re going to try standing sex positions then you need to be fit and fairly strong – especially if you’re trying to carry your partner while she’s mounted on your erect member! If you aren’t confident of success, we’d recommend that you don’t try these positions – there’s no point risking a broken penis!

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