For The Fierce Fella: Get Your Flirt on With These Tips.

Flirting, basically is a fun, playful way of communicating with a woman that lets her know you’re interested in her… without coming right out and saying it.

If you’re shy, insecure, or just clueless about how to “spark attraction” in a woman that you’re talking to, then you’re going to enjoy this article, as I’m going to lay out an easy “action plan” for how to flirt.

The whole point of flirting is to get her interested in getting to know you. If you are not good at being charming or flirtatious, trust me, that hottie would get bored in no time and go with the guy who can get her going.

Guys, here is what you should remember about flirting. Rather than coming right out and letting her know your are attracted to her, do these instead;

Tease her.

Banter with her

Turn your conversation with her into a sort of “game”

Become “partners in crime”

Teasing is a playful way of communicating with her. Tease her but not in an offensive way. It’s always best to tease a woman on something she says, the way she is acting, or something you notice about her. For instance, you can tease her about being bossy, or having a wild side. Stay away from sensitive topics like teasing her about her weight or height.

You should always come up with creative, exciting lines. Nothing is as annoying as having a guy quote some cliche line. So here are some lines you might wanna try tonight:




If a girl says something nerdy you might say “You usually hang out at the library don’t you?”

If a girl spills her drink you might say “Bartender, I think you need to cut her off”

If a girl is acting a little spoiled/grouchy say “Looks like someone put their cranky pants on this morning.

Point is, say something she can laugh at. Also, instead of complimenting her, go for something real about her and tease her about it. Believe me, no girl is gonna appreciate it if you just start handing out compliments, they would not take you seriously.

A lot of times, guys gets nervous when it comes to talking to women, and their body language displays bad posture, nervous ticks, unconfident eye contact… all of these things can undermine what you are saying to a girl, and make her think you’re really not as “cool” as you’re pretending to sound.

This is why it is important to display flirtatious body language along with the words that come out of your mouth and the teasing and banter lines.

Examples of Body Language Flirting:

Slowly smiling at her (not an obnoxious or nervous grin)

Briefly touching her as you talk

Appearing relaxed and laid back

Holding eye contact


So, you have done all these and you wanna know if the chic is ‘vibe’ing right back. Here are a few things to look out for;

1. she leans towards you

2. she genuinely laughs at your joke. No matter how lame

3. she makes body contact. probably touch your arms or thighs lightly

4. she maintains eye contact often.

5. she asks questions about you like she is really interested.


So guys, there you have it. Just a tip though, if she keeps looking at her watch, typing on her phone or yawning, just slowly leave before you get publicly humiliated. You just might get lucky with the next girl.

Have fun.

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