Beyonce Tributes Whitney Houston, Donna Summers at Revel – Check out the performance vids ‘n’ pics

Beyonce took to the stage on the 25th of May at Revel in Atlantic city to deliver a two hour breathtaking show in front of 5,500 screaming die-hard fans. She breezed through some of her crowd favs  like, ‘Irreplaceable’, ‘I Was Here’, ‘Who Run The World’,  and ‘End Of Time’, as well as a special tribute of ‘Ex-Factor’ for Lauryn Hill who was celebrating her birthday yesterday. She also performed, ‘I Will Always Love You’ before transitioning into ‘Halo’ in honor of the late Whitney Houston.

Hubby, Jay Z expressed his pride by tweeting this;
Aaaaaw, how sweet. Here’s what the gorgeous diva had to say before the show kicked off;
We usually have two months to do what we’re doing in two weeks but what is new?  Getting this show together, learning choreographer and directing something so huge…for me to do all this four months after giving birth, it feels like I went from zero to ten. It was really hard but I did it and I’m hoping that somebody can be inspired by what I did.
Check out a couple of performances and more pictures:




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