Does Size Really Matter??


And that is the age-old question……

Men love their penises. From the time he is born, a man’s penis becomes his best friend . He will love it, fondle it, get mad at it(especially when it stops working), respect it, listen to its opinion, and get in trouble for it.

Men are obsessed with their penises, even if they don’t realize it. Most men live in constant fear that their manhood is not big enough. What they don’t realize is that a recent study, involving 800 men of all shapes, races, and sizes, concluded that the average penis size is 5.5 inches .

So that’s the size of an average penis. What’s that sound? It’s men all over the world breathing a sigh of relief. Now that this revelation has surfaced, let’s get down to business.

It’s how you use it

Basically, after a lot of research, it seems women don’t care.

Women who feel that they aren’t pretty or sexy enough because they have small breasts are like men who think that having big penises make them more manly and better lovers. The truth is that these men lack self-esteem and their self-worth is placed into their penises. Sure any woman would like to have a big thick bar to play with and suck on. It’s like guys who are obsessed with big breasts.

Women simply don’t care about size. There will be the odd ones who say it is very important, but they are usually the ones who love aggressive sex. For women, penises are marvelous toys, and no matter what they look like, they will excite women. Women do talk about their men’s penises…often. But most of the time, the focus isn’t on size; we focus more on what you did with it. In all honestly, we will spend more time talking about whether you wash yourself and smell good, rather than what it looks like.



Quality of over quantity

Having a bigger organ doesn’t hurt, but is it really important, when it comes down to having an intense lovemaking session with your partner(s)? In a recent poll taken among women, 82% agree that the quality of sex is much more important than quantity . In fact, many well hung men are known to be lousy lovers. First of all, if women feel comfortable with who you are, they will overlook penis size. If you are able to stimulate her with your personality , you need to do the same with your penis. Whether a penis is 4,6, or 8 inches, if used properly, it can satisfy her and give her an evening of passion and lust.

Men who are still put off by their size shouldn’t let their “perceived” size cheat them out of life’s best experiences. There are several things you can do to make the night memorable, and by the time it’s over, you’ll be in bed sweating and panting. The idea is to stay focused on the situation. Don’t let your penis take over the night. Let your mind do it.



Tips for the fellas

This is a bit off topic, but here are some tips for making love to women, especially if you feel your penis does not measure up (pun intended).

Upon seeing an attractive woman, the first thing insecure men will say to themselves is, “when she sees my little friend I hope she doesn’t laugh”. Shame on you! . The first thing you should tell yourself is, “she’s coming with me tonight, in more ways than one”. (Side note: I assume most men out there approach women they are attracted to, so I won’t talk about how to approach a woman. But here is a little hint: make great eye contact and smile).

Assuming that you score big time in the eye contact department, then what? Make your move to a private environment. Keep your mind on the situation and not what’s in your pants. She’s accepting the situation at hand, so you should do the same. Use your tongue to lick her face and neck while kissing her. Whisper in her ear how sexy she is, and how hot she makes you. While the situation intensifies, your mind will revert back to your manhood because you know the time for your pants to come off is pending. Just remember this…she’s there with you because she wants to feel good and have a great time.

Undress her slowly while kissing and touching her and you’ll notice her eyes closing and her heavy breathing. She will want to undress you, so let her remove your shirt and caress your body; but don’t let her get too carried away. Remember to stay focused on the situation. If you don’t feel comfortable enough to remove your pants and expose yourself, then perhaps you should prepare her.



The final move;

Take her hand gently into yours and caress your chest down to your stomach, keep kissing her, and press your body against hers firmly. Then slowly keep your hand moving down your leg and up again, placing her hand right on your crotch. Move your hand on hers, letting her feel your penis.

By feeling it over your pants, she’ll know what to expect. She’ll get excited and will go for your belt. Let her kiss your stomach and chest while she unbuttons your pants and they drop to the floor. The moment your woman starts kissing you in the direction of your penis, you know she wants you . Congratulations gentlemen, you have her…and the rest is up to you, so give her a “Big O” feeling.


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