What Your Choice of Nail Styles and Colors Say About You


So yeah, we all know that your clothes say a lot about your personality and often-times your mood. But did you know your choice in nail colors and styles also make a statement, even without you saying a word?

Take as look at ten nail situations and what they really reflect about your personality?

1. Red Nails;


Perfectly polished, fire engine-red nails tell others that you are daring, outgoing, and highly confident. Wear these out to the club to show off your diva side!

2. Dark Blue/Black Nails


These shades tell others that you are outgoing and live on the wild side. When people see these nails, they give off the impression that you live an adrenaline-filled lifestyle full of excitement!

3. Nail Wraps:


Adorning your nails with wraps in designs like cheetah, lace, or polka-dot tells others that you are trendy, fashionable, and fun!  Adorn your nails with wraps when you want to garner attention at your favorite nighttime hotspot!

4. Pink Polish


Pink polishes tell others that you have a flirty and feminine personality. Polish your nails with pink hues whenever you want to show off your girly, sweet side!

5. Colorful Stiletto Nails:



Loved by fashion icons Lady Gaga and Beyonce, colorful stiletto nails tell others you are a diva with attitude! Wear these when you want the paparazzi snapping pictures wherever you go!

6. Nude Polish:



Clear and nude polishes tell others that you are laid-back and have an easy-going personality. Natural hues give off the impression that you are relaxed and enjoy the little things in life.

7. Neon Nail Polish:


Polishes in neon pink, green, orange, and yellow hues let others know that you are an outgoing extrovert that loves a good party!

8. Unpolished and Unadorned Nails:


Leaving your nails as they are lets others know that you are confident and unstressed about your appearance.

9. Chipped Polish:


When people see chipped nail polish, they can tell that you live a busy lifestyle and don’t have a lot of time to relax. If you see that your polish is chipped, take ten minutes out of your day to get your nails primped and ready for the spotlight again!

10. Painted Designs and Sparkle Polish



Decorating your nails with sparkle polish and polish designs like stars tells others that you have a creative imagination! Choose this style when you want your nails to show off your artistic side!


So what do your nails say about you?


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