7 Ways to Take a Good Picture of Yourself

Lately, we’ve noticed a ton of celeb posting photos that they’ve taken of themselves on Twitter. And they all look hot as hell. But shooting a pic of yourself isn’t easy. Here are a few tips on how to take that perfect photo.

1. Shoot from the Shoulder

Whether you’re using your camera or smartphone, you don’t want to have it in the frame. Instead, hold it away from you at shoulder level and twist your body toward it, pushing your opposite shoulder toward the camera. Then crop the arm that’s holding the camera out of the pic.
2. Follow the Rule of Thirds
This is a little photography secret that most professionals use. Start by mentally dividing the frame into thirds: Instead of being in the middle of a picture, put yourself off-center, so that you either fall in the first 1/3 or 2/3 of the frame. It makes the shot look more interesting.
3. Get Other Stuff Into the Shot
On a gorgeous beach? Get the water behind you. At a cool concert? Shoot the stage in the background. Just like the rule of thirds, scenery makes the shot look more interesting (and not like you’re just shooting yourself at home because you’re bored). And when it’s more interesting, people will eyeball it longer…
4. Tilt Your Head
People generally look better when they’re not looking dead-on at the camera. It’s better to have a slight turn of your head or a slight angle, so tilt your head down a little and angle your eyes up toward the camera.
5. Angle Your Bod

If you want your full body in the frame, always tilt your hip, put one leg on tiptoe, or shift around to get a slightly off-balance pose—it visually slims your bod and makes it look sexier.
6. Think Outside the Box
You don’t always have to have your face in the frame for a hot pic. If you want a shot of yourself laying on the beach, bend your legs a little. The move flattens your stomach and keeps your legs from looking distorted. You can also take it up a notch by angling your hips to the side a little.
7. Use Flattering Light
Shooting outdoors? Avoid taking a pic between 11 a.m. and 1 p.m.—the midday sun is harsh and will show off whatever tiny imperfections you might have. The best light is in the morning or around sunset—the orangey glow makes everything look better.


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