5 Bedtime Habits That Are Ruining Your Sex Life

Are your responsibilities getting in the way of time with your partner?

Finding a married couple that complains about too much sex is as likely as coming across a mermaid or a unicorn. They just don’t exist in this world.

All those jokes are true. The sex often the diminish after the ‘I do’s. But it’s not the actual institution of marriage that’s to blame, it’s everything that comes with it.

You may not realize it, but all of those everyday responsibilities are getting in the way of your love life. That after-work routine is automatic, but a seemingly harmless to-do list can put a serious cramp in your couple time.

1. Smartphone Fanatic

The only thing that should be vibrating near your bed is a sex toy — if that’s you and your hubby’s thing. Don’t just silence your phone, cut it off. In fact, leave it in the living room and turn your focus to each other. Those emails can be answered in the morning.

2.Chores Galore

Give your inner clean freak the night off once in awhile. Let the dishes wait until morning and have a make-out session instead.

3. iPad Obsession

The iPad is addictive but Words With Friends shouldn’t interfere with foreplay. Think about it this way — the only games you need to play at night are with that flesh and blood person right beside you.

4. Story Time

Kids will do anything they can to stay up late. Next time your little one brings you a pile of books to read at bedtime, quickly nix the idea. Two is more than enough, then get in some cuddle time with your man.

5. Too Much Talk

Nothing kills the mood quicker than bringing up some serious issue. Leave the “I can’t believe what your mother did now” and “Tommy’s failing algebra” discussions for morning.


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