7 Ways To Get Steamier Foreplay


You love it when your man lasts for a long time in bed. But most guys speed through foreplay, which kinda sucks. Want more pre-play?

Try these expert tricks to draw it out.

Speak Your Mind
Your man isn’t a mind reader. Let him know how he can amp up your arousal before you get down to business. Try telling him something like, “I really love it when you kiss my neck while you touch me here” and guide his hands to where you want them.

PDA Before You Play
Start the foreplay in public. Press your body up against him, rub his thigh, then lightly graze your fingertips between his legs. Keep doing this every five minutes or so until you two are completely alone.

Pleasure Hunt
Explore each other’s body to uncover new hot spots. Lay there and have him use different types of pressures and touches. Then switch and do the same to him. Not sure where to start? These sexy moves should help.

Play a Game
Write down all the different things you want to do during foreplay on index cards. Place them upside down on the bed, pick one, give it a try, and repeat.

Switch It Up
Tease your guy by licking and touching him in his pleasure spots. Change your moves once you see that he is getting really into it, so he doesn’t orgasm. Keep it going until he begs for more.

Have Multiple Os
Whether it it’s from oral sex or your favorite vibrator, have him help you get off. Women are lucky enough to have multiple orgasms, so have as many as you can.

Talk Dirty
As you fool around, say things like “This feels so good…take your time.” or “Baby, you’re driving me insane.” This ramps up your lust and lets him know his moves feel good.

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