Eight Ways Sex Makes You Beautiful

Sex is the ultimate beauty enhancer. No product or procedure can beat getting down and dirty in making you even more gorgeous.

Check out these eight reasons why.

1. Natural Make-up; Every morning, you apply makeup and by lunch, you already need a touch up! But if you spend 15 minutes a day doing the deed, your cheeks will naturally flush, your lips will have that perfect red pout and your skin will glow. Sex is nature’s makeup! You get excited, and you vasodilate. [Just like] vasodilation happens in the male penis, which is swelling it with blood…well, the same thing is occurring in all your mucosal membranes [to give] you that ruddy look, that freshness or that glow. It’s all the same phenomenon.” And, might we add, the sex effect lasts for hours.

2. Save Face

Even if you stay out of the sun, you still may be at risk for premature aging. Other than sun exposure, the major wrinkler of the skin is your arteries. Whether you have a wrinkle in your heart, which is a heart attack, or a wrinkle in your skin, it’s the same process. Good blood flow brings nutrients and oxygen to the skin, which staves off wrinkling. Guess what increases blood flow and makes your skin look younger? You guessed it—sex.

3. Sex Does a Body Good

We all know that the sexiest thing a woman can have is confidence. When I ask men: ‘What is the most attractive thing about your woman?’ one of the top three things is always the way she moves.” After getting frisky, you walk with an even more feminine gait. Your head is held high, your hips swaying from side to side—in other words, you’re getting your strut on. That confidence just reels the men right back in, creating a perfect cycle of sex appeal.

4. Doing “It” is the Best Hair Do

Sex can also contribute to a healthy head of hair. Each hair follicle has a blood vessel to it, and your blood flow is a major determinate of both internal and external beauty. More blood flow means you’re nourishing your hair.

5. Don’t Worry, Be Happy

There’s a reason wrinkles are called worry lines—but no amount of eye cream can put your mind at ease like the horizontal hula. Sex is the best stress reliever. Since orgasming is all about learning to relax and breathe, when you’re having sex regularly, the calming effects cumulate and you’ll enjoy long-term stress relief. The normal sex act itself takes between three and 20 minutes. That’s not very long, but it influences your whole day, it can even influence you for several days. And that lack of tension will be all over your beautiful face!

6. Busting Out

During sex, you’ll have even more to show off. Breasts enlarge 25 percent; nipple height increases a half inch during sex. You’ll be wowing your man sans Wonder Bra.

7. Sexercise

While it might be hard to motivate yourself to get to the gym, if you’re ready to spend some time on your back—or on all fours, or in a pretzel shape—sex can give you a great cardio workout. The more you do it, the more it does for your body!

8. Fountain of Youth

If a woman has an average sex life, her real age can be two to eight years younger than the number on her driver’s license. You end up being functionally younger … it’s a consistent effect. It lowers your risk of the three major killers: heart disease, cancer and all others—which is really depression, suicide, mood changes and things that cause attitudinal changes. If you keep getting frisky with your partner, you can both turn back the hands of time.

So, gorgeous, the next time someone asks you what your beauty secret is, you can tell them it’s your sex life. And how!




15 comments on “Eight Ways Sex Makes You Beautiful

  1. It is nice to know that sex has an ‘ornament’ that makes us feel good. Yes, it is natures body polish. Pls, this act shouldn’t be abused. Thank you lord.

  2. Unfortunately, some married women never appreciate all these valuable salient points made in support of active sexual life. They starve their partner sex, sometimes deliberately to score a point or frustrate their man. Not knowing that denying their partner is tantamount to deny themselves of ‘beautiful’ life. I hope women out there are reading for perfect understanding. Whoever you are, you need your husband for perfect romantic, sexual activeness based marriage. Without which the expected fire of Love may not glow for long. Is somebody learning?

  3. But all these advice are all in favour of the women, not for other partner. While she is getting beautiful and younger,he will be getting older.

  4. I believe sex to be a strenght taker. But after reading this article, well, what can i say; it is left to us the readers to try and see if it truely work.

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