Nicki Minaj Officially Joins Mariah Carey, Keith Urban & Randy Jackson On American Idol


It is now official.

After weeks of rumors surrounding whether or not Nicki Minaj would be joining American Idol’s 12th Season, Ryan Seacrest has officially confirmed her involvement as a judge alongside Mariah Carey, country singer Keith Urban and Randy Jackson.  He tweeted earlier today:

It’s official, your new #IdolJudges are @MariahCarey, @NickiMinaj, @KeithUrban & @Yo_RandyJackson!

Prior to the announcement, rumored issues with Nicki joining the show included the show being sponsored by Coke and Nicki having an endorsement already in place with Pepsi as well as rumors of beef with Mariah Carey who allegedly didn’t want her on the show (probably all lies..).

According to reports, she’s looking at banking $8 million as a judge, which is more than Keith who comes in at almost $4 million, but it’s nowhere near Mariah’s $18 million.  She will also get additional allowances for hair, make up and wardrobe. The show’s rating have been falling over the last few seasons, but although it may look like they’re dropping major dollars on the new judges, it doesn’t compare to the fact that Simon Cowell made more than all three of them combined ($35 million) his last season on AI.

Joining the show was probably a smart move for Nicki. It sounds like easy money because the show films in one place, which will allow her to stay in Los Angeles (where she lives) over a period of time and work on music when she’s not sitting in the judges seat. The one thing that Jennifer Lopez consistently said she loved about the gig is that it allowed her to be in one place and made it easier for her to be with her children. Nowadays, when you are a newer artist with less than five years under your belt, you have to hustle and bustle while traveling from state to state and country to country touring to make that kind of money.

Good for her.

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