Perfecting The Art Of Seducing Women



You may not know it, but you already have the natural, in-built ability to seduce a woman. Every man does.

A lot of modern men are currently trying to find out how to seduce a woman because they have found themselves in one of the following situations:

1. They know a woman and seem to get along with her quite well, but can’t work out how to seduce her into having sex.2. They have a female friend and no matter how much they talk to her or hang out together, it never seems to lead to sex.

The good news is that if you’re in one of those situations, you are VERY CLOSE to being able to seduce her into sex. When it comes to the topic of how to seduce a woman, the first thing you need to focus on is making her feel sexual attraction. However, before we do that let’s talk about…

How to Seduce a Woman Into Love

A mistake that guys make when they want to seduce a woman into love, is thinking that it is all about the “connection’ they have with her. Based on this thinking, the man then tries to become really good friends with the woman and make her see him as a great guy. A good connection is important, but if she doesn’t feel sexual attraction for you – then you’re only ever going to be seen as a friend in her eyes. All it will take for you to be slammed further into the dreaded “friend zone” is for a guy to come along, make her feel attraction and then escalate to a kiss or to sex with her. He will have successfully seduced her because he did two very important things:

1. Made her feel strong attraction for him.
2. Escalated to a kiss or sex and successfully changed things from being “friendly” to being “sexual.”

An easy way to make a woman feel strong attraction for you is to use playfully confident humor. For example:

Her: “Hey, you’re a nice guy…why aren’t more men like you? All they are interested in is sex…”

At this point in the conversation, you could respond and lie to her (like most guys do) and say that you aren’t interested in sex. However, that will NOT make her feel attraction because she is actually just checking to see if you will lie to her and pretend to be Mr. Innocent Nice Guy. Be a bit bold, cheeky and playful and it will make her feel attracted to your confidence.

You: “Yeah, I know…we men are all the same aren’t we? Women are just as bad – they always just use me for sex. I have feelings too y’know! I’m not just a piece of meat”

She will then LAUGH and see that you have the confidence to PLAY with situations like that, instead of trying to be innocent and please her by being a good, little boy. Women are after men, not boys. The more you behave like a confident man, the easier it is to seduce a woman.

How to Seduce a Woman Into Seducing You

Most guys get it all wrong by trying to seduce a woman and hoping that she chooses them. The guys who enjoy easy, natural and consistent success with women TURN THE TABLES and get women trying to seduce them instead. The best part is that women actually WANT it to be that way – they prefer guys who aren’t so easy and desperate. Have you ever heard a woman say, “I want man who is a challenge” or noticed that the guys who women CHASE AFTER are the ones who don’t desperately try to impress women? That is not a coincidence.

At The Modern Man, our whole approach to success with women is about switching the roles so women try to seduce you and pick you up. It is SO MUCH EASIER this way because when you try hard to seduce a woman like most guys do, she notices and:

a) Puts up her guard.
b) Plays hard to get.
c) Feels like she has more value in the situation.

However, there are special “undetectable” techniques that you can use to make a woman feel like YOU are the valuable one and that SHE should be chasing you. No doubt you have seen women behave like that around guys who are just normal, average guys right? It happens all the time, but only SOME guys know how to do it.

How to Seduce a Woman Into Having Sex With You

To seduce a woman into having sex with you, both of you need to be feeling sexual desire for each other. If you want to have sex with her and she doesn’t want to have it with you, then you’ll be the only one feeling sexual desire and nothing will happen.

How to seduce a woman into feel sexual desire is best done by making her feel like she has to work at getting you interested in her. Most guys make the mistake of trying hard to get women interested in them, but the guys who are naturally good with women always do it the other way around. That is not a coincidence either. If you seduce a woman the correct way, it will work every time and she will not play hard to get. If you try to seduce a woman like most guys do, you will have to go through the pain of rejection and usually won’t ever get another chance with her again.

It is also isn’t an accident that you regularly see beautiful women chasing after average-looking guys and are left wondering, “How did he seduce her? What does she see in him?” It’s pretty simple to seduce women into loving you and wanting to have sex with you and I want to teach you all of the secrets right now…





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  1. Hi, your write-up is really good. But i’m loss of words whenever am about to ask a girl out,not even thinking of seducing her so pls i want you to help me in kinda of d words to use in order to be able to get a girl for my self plss….i mean ways/words to use in talking her in..thanks pls reply via my email address

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