Top 5 Sex Myths Debunked

Don’t feel guilty about your desire for sex. Women want it just as much as you do, but they can’t say it openly. There are many sex myths that kill the confidence of men, but for this article I’m going to focus on five myths that come to mind immediately. As you will discover while reading this article, while these sex myths may seem fairly harmless on the surface, they actually cause a lot of problems in society for individuals and for relationships.

Sex Myth #1: Men Think About Sex Every Seven Seconds

One of the biggest sex myths of all is that we men think about it every seven seconds. According to a study, there is absolutely no evidence to suggest that men think about sex “nearly constantly” or that men think about sex far more often than women.The study recorded the daily thoughts of 163 women and 120 men aged between 18 and 25 years and concluded that men think sexual thoughts on average around 19 times in a day and women on average around 10 times each day.

However, don’t automatically conclude that “Ah! You see! Men think about sex more than women! We men are pigs and women are innocent princesses!”  Various studies into sexual behavior have revealed that social expectations play a significant role in determining test results as well as the creation and circulation of popular sex myths.

For instance, while attitudes to pre-marital sex have changed over the years, researchers believe that women are still more likely to give “socially acceptable” answers to sex questions rather than absolutely honest ones. So, I personally don’t buy into the statistic that says women only think about sex 10 times a day, compared to men at 19 times a day. I’d say it is probably about even for men and women who aren’t getting any sex, but are on the look out for it. When it comes to surveys about sex, men, on the other hand, are often guilty of inflating the answers they give in an effort to boost their manly image.

The point was that the seven second myth has led to many men believing that there’s something wrong with them if they don’t have sexual thoughts every seven seconds, and to women believing there’s something wrong with them if they do. Additionally, many guys have been worrying that thinking about sex is a bad thing and women would be horrified if they found out. It’s all very funny when you think about it. Both men and women are thinking about sex and both have to hide it so much that they end up feeling guilty about it!

Sex Myth #2: Women Want Tantric Sex That Goes on For Hours

There’s every chance that you’ve heard some “urban myth” about couples having tantric sex for hours, if not days, on end. While there’s some truth in the idea that tantric sex can be a lengthy experience and can be interesting to do every now and then, there is no truth in the idea that women want it, crave it and talk about it with their girlfriends.

Most women talk about, crave and want to be on the receiving end of sex from a real man because, when that happens, they can orgasm so much more easily and it is more fulfilling, exciting and enjoyable than sex with a wimpy man or a man who is just neutral (i.e. not very masculine, just a kind of “whatever” type of guy). The truth of the matter is, it does NOT take hours to pleasure a woman and make her orgasm and you don’t need touse tantric sex in your relationship.

Of course, you can do it if you want, but don’t ever feel like you’re not doing a good enough job as a boyfriend/husband if you don’t have sex with your woman all Sunday long. According to sex studies, in the non-tantric world of sex, the average “coupling” between a man and a woman lasts around three to seven minutes! As long as you have the right relationship dynamic and can make your woman orgasm, you have nothing to worry about. Sometimes you and your woman might have sex for 30 minutes to an hour, but most times doing it for 5-10 minutes is absolutely fine as long as you have the right dynamic set up and she is getting deep pleasure from every moment of being sexed by you.

Sex Myth #3: Women Prefer a Man With a Huge Penis

Guys who have an insecurity about their penis size either watch too much porn or haven’t actually looked at penis size statistics, or both! The fact is, most guys have around about the same size penis, within a 1-2 centimeter difference. Sure, there are guys out there who walk around with a “baby arm” in their pants, but they are the minority.

Almost all guys are average sized.Additionally, I have many female friends and they tell me all about this stuff. I’ve heard many women tell a story about hooking up with a guy, but being unable to have sex with him because his penis was too big. It was just too painful for the girl, so she had to dump him. The girl wasn’t saying, “Wow! It was so cool to hook up with a guy with a huge penis!” she was just disappointed and said that after trying to have sex and it being so painful, she simply lost interest and wanted it to be over.

Now, if you watch porn, you will see women talking about huge penis sizes and making videos with guys who are well-endowed. However, you have to stop and realize that these women are “loose” women, women who have a LOT of sex, prostitutes and women who like a bit of pain. The male actors are hired because of their size and ability to perform on camera. Pornography is not normal reality. These people are the exception, rather than the rule. What matters to a woman is HOW you have sex with her. How manly you behave, how you touch her, how you look at her and how you’ve been behaving leading up to sex.

Sex Myth #4: Women Don’t Like Sex As Much As Men

Total myth! As mentioned earlier, the idea that men are more interested in sex than women probably stems from research using women’s “socially acceptable” answers to questions about sex. For whatever reason, it has become acceptable for men to be portrayed as creatures who think about sex every seven seconds and can’t get enough of it…but not women – no, they are innocent and would NEVER think of having sex unless they were in love or already married.

As the research into gender differences concerning sexual thoughts shows, women think about sex just as often as men, indicating that women are just as interested in having sex as men. A lot of guys think that women are doing them a favor by having sex with them because women don’t like sex and are just doing it for the man’s sake. It’s hilarious, but true. Heck, I used to think that way too. The fact is, women do NOT have sex with a man to do him a “favor,” they have sex with a man because they want to and because sex is something they really, really enjoy!

Sex Myth #5: Sex Addiction Is Real

There is absolutely no scientific proof to back up any claims of sex addiction. Sex is not a disease! Behaviors claimed to be symptoms of so-called “sex addiction” are simply normal behaviors and desires that men all over the world naturally control in their everyday life. Experiencing sexual desires does not mean you’re addicted to sex, but claiming to be addicted does seem to be providing a number of high-profile men with a convenient “excuse” for their lack of self-control. In fact, it’s the famous “sex addicts” such as Tiger Woods, Michael Douglas and David Duchovny who help perpetuate this sex myth.

There is nothing wrong with being a man who enjoys sex, but real men take responsibility for their own actions. Let me tell you right here and now, there are few things more impressive to a woman than a man who is not ashamed of his sexual desires for women. When you can talk to a woman and communicate your sexual desire in a discreet, non-sleazy way, you will be shocked to see that your sex life becomes like what you see in the movies and in TV sitcoms. Suddenly, you have women wanting to have sex with you the first time you meet them, wanting to come over and have sex even though she knows you have other women and so on.



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