Bored of The Same Bedroom Moves? Try A Little Role Play – Here’s How..


Sex if done monotonously and habitually, it becomes boring. That’s why men concocted the art of role playing in sex. Role playing is when you carry out all your sexual fantasies and let go of your sexual inhibitions. Since we were kids, we all love to play pretend to alleviate boredom. Now that we are adults, role playing takes a different definition- it’s more realistic and very sensual but has the same purpose- to keep us away from getting bored.

It’s every man’s dream to do role playing in sex. Since men are easily aroused by visual stimulation, role playing is one perfect material to spice up the sex life. It also excites the couple intellectually or mentally because you will be able to know your partner’s inner desire and what really electrifies him. We all want to play pretend games but the problem is how to open it up with your girlfriend or boyfriend without the violent reaction of embarrassment or walking out or worse slapping you in the face. If you’re a woman and you want to play pretend, it’s easier to relay the message to your partner without much worry about the violent reaction, pretty sure he’ll be ecstatic to hear that you want to play pretend.

It’s quite different for a man to tell her woman, especially if she’s too conservative and old- fashioned, getting her to play pretend maybe close to impossibility. But don’t lose hope, you know the cliché- “if there’s will there’s a way” it’s a fact, so never lose that will to ask your woman to do role playing with you. The most practical thing you can do is to have the timing and the right place where you can tell her what’s on your mind- the right time and place may be the two of you sitting in a couch in front of the fire place talking about sweet nothings then try to insert your longing for her in a role playing game but don’t tell her all the details yet- it might freak her out.

Try to begin your request with an assurance-like “you know what honey, I love you so much and you mean the world to me… and I want us to make the most out of our relationship in every aspect.” Then continue with a flattery- “you are so hot and beautiful that I can’t stop thinking about you at times…” then you can drop the bomb in a subtle manner- “ I can’t help it, honey but in spite of how long we’ve been together, I can’t help but to fantasize about you all the time- how I wish we can do this fantasy of mine together, I’m sure this is going to make our relationship more exciting and thrilling, you want that, won’t you?” You know she’s okay with it when she’s going to ask you what do have in mind.

Then, tell her what role playing is all about and what it can do. She’ll be reserved at first but try to assure her that it’s okay and it’s a special thing for both of you. Role playing is indeed a special thing for both of you, if you allow your sexuality to flow, it can really spice things up in your relationship and it’s also a great way to know your partner deeper.

One comment on “Bored of The Same Bedroom Moves? Try A Little Role Play – Here’s How..

  1. Its not all about sex,sex,sex,sex and sex every now and then. One gud sex or bed-time caring and true love does it all-its more catchy and you both will want each other more and more…

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