24 Sex Tips From 24 Experts


All the sex tips you’re ever gonna need… From experts who have been there and studied that. Take this guide with you and I guaranteed you will always be rewarded with a sensational orgasmic experience.



If you’re doing solo pleasuring with a dual action vibe, remember that putting batteries in your vibe does not constitute “foreplay”. Warm up first by just using the vibrating back side of the tickler. Once you feel all warm and tingly, then start teasing yourself with the rotating shaft. Then let all hell break loose!

A note to all men: masturbate with a condom on. It’s not coming off while we’re having sex, nor should it with any woman. You’re keeping that thing on, so you had better learn to enjoy it. So don’t complain, masturbate with your little rubber friend, and get used to it.


The key to giving good oral sex is maintaining a steady rhythm. Get off rhythm and the receiver is distracted. One way I keep a steady rhythm going — and entertain myself — when going down is by thinking of an upbeat song in my head and matching my mouths, uh, movements to the beat. Throw in some humming, it feels extra good for him, helps you keep time, and gives you something to think about besides “there’s a dick in my mouth.”

When you’re in bed with a woman and she says “I’ll do anything you want,” don’t attempt to put the request delicately with a lame reply like “take me in your mouth.” Because that’s exactly what I did when I found myself in that scenario, and the chick said “no.” Years later I’m still trying to figure out what part of “I’ll do anything you want” I didn’t understand.

Sucking your bf’s dick in the shower while he washes his hair is both hot and time efficient. #multitasking

Spit or lube when giving a handy is dandy


Partners don’t make us sexual. We have an amazing ability to experience pleasure regardless of our relationship status. Partners aren’t magical; we are. Oh, and vibrators will change your life:)

Looking at sexual matter on line can be a safe outlet but there are also risks. One that is often overlooked is that some people assume that what they see is normal sexual behavior, yet sex on a porn video resembles car chases in action movies, there’s some reality but also a lot of visual stunts. You and any sexual partner must create your own sexual world, one that fits the needs and desire of both of you, not that of some director of porn films.

There’s no one right way to have sex. As long as you’re being open about you want, paying attention to your partner’s needs and desires, and making sure everyone involved is having a good time, you’re pretty much set.


Forget your flaws. Remember he’s just happy to be there — they always are. In intimate moments a guy isn’t thinking about whatever flaws you think you have, he’s just thrilled to be with you so take his lead, forget your flaws, and live in the moment.

What brings you pleasure is unique. Never let anyone pressure you into acts you’re not interested in just because you think everyone else is doing it. Enthusiasm is sexy; regret and boredom are not.

My tip is real simple, tell your man EXACTLY what you want. Because nothing turns on a real man more than being able to turn his woman on.


Don’t ever go to a party with the *intention* of hooking up. That is how “regret” happens. Go with the intention of enjoying people you like. If you get laid in the process, well done. Bonus: if you bite and they look shocked, back off. Focus your energy on reading your partner’s cues: that intuition makes good sex.



Sex is all about YOU getting pleasure from it, not just him. Since men don’t know what they are doing down there half the time, sometimes you have to teach them how to do it. In a nice way of course. Get him started by telling him you’ll do him after he does you; how can he turn that down? Don’t be embarrassed to talk about it. Guide his fingers down there, suggest that he “lick it” slowly, and then build up the tension. Tell him once he’s down there to not stop until you tell him to. Men aren’t quite sure how long they should lick for, so saying “Don’t stop, that’s so good,” is always good. Men love to watch a woman have an orgasm; especially a real one. Once he learns how to please you, the sex will be much hotter–and you’ll never get rid of him!

When having sex in a relationship, the best thing you can do is take it slowly and really get to know your partner’s likes and dislikes. Don’t dive into the dirty talk or handcuffs when you first meet somebody; you have all the time in the world. Start out vanilla, and slowly build up to the crazy flavors. Also, don’t ever, ever, EVER fake your orgasms. It’s unhealthy and bad for your self-esteem, not to mention hurtful to the guy. Be honest with each other and tell him what you enjoy

Guys want foreplay too! Don’t be afraid to go slow, savor every moment and talk dirty – except around their mother. Guys really do want a lady on the street and a freak in the bedroom!

One of the simplest ways to really spice things up during sex is a move my friends and I refer to as the hula. When you’re on top of your guy, sit up and sort of move your hips like you’re hula hooping. Make small, slow circular movements with your hips and as things heat up, speed up!

Trying something in bed and not liking it isn’t a failure – it’s one of the best ways to learn what you DO like. As long as you and your bed buddy are genuinely game to try something (and are safe about it, duh), experimenting can be one of the best things about sex. Acting like you know everything already is a lot less fun than admitting you’ve got a lot to learn about yourself and your partner, then enjoying the process of figuring it out.


To keep your man sexually aroused and satisfied, ladies, it’s important to remember that the pleasure shouldn’t end at orgasm. So be sure to keep your fridge stocked with delectable delicacies and loaves of fresh bread.

During sex, after he finishes keep him inside you for an extra few seconds. When you feel him relax, squeeze your kegel muscles around his wang. He’ll come again and think you’re a vaginal magician.

Put your finger in his butt. Or on his butt. You can actually get away with just putting your finger in the general vicinity of his butt, say, on his taint. You can also use do this when you’re just tired and your leg is starting to cramp and you want him to hurry up and finish already. Just touch his butt! He will like it, I swear.

Here’s the tip: If you’re going out to dinner with your man to celebrate a birthday, Valentine’s Day, anniversary, etc., it’s better to have the celebratory sex session before dinner. If you wait until after the big event to get it on, you risk one or both of you being too full, tipsy, or tired to be in the mood.

When you’re with a guy, and things are getting hot and heavy, pause and ask him to slowly masturbate for you. Don’t laugh, and don’t let him laugh; just pay attention and start to tell him what you think about what he’s doing, or touch yourself too. Even if this just goes on for a minute, he’ll enjoy being the center of attention, and it forces you to slow down, revel in being a voyeur, and see how he likes to be touched, before you move on to touching him yourself!

One of the hottest things you can do to a guy in bed is also one of the easiest — but it’s often overlooked. When you’re having sex and you think he’s close to finishing, grab his butt with both hands and pull him in. Nothing says “I really, really want you,” like a well-timed butt grab.


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