10 Things Men Do That Turn Women On


If you believe romance novels, the only things that turn women on are long walks, moonlit meals, and sex by candlelight. In fact, women are so much more complicated than that.

A man may get turned on by the mere sight of his nude wife. Porn gets his engine revved in a hurry and, though many men also have unique turn-ons, we women tend to get fluffed about things that may SEEM mundane to the average eye.

We ladies have a host of seemingly mundane turn-ons that really get us going.

In that spirit, here is a list of 10 mundane things that men do to drive us wild:

Wash the dishes: This may be the ultimate female cliche, but it’s so true. When your man gets sudsy and does it without being asked, it does put a lady in the mood.

Take a work call: There is something about hearing my man talk all authoritatively that really does it for us ladies. Maybe it’s because we rarely get to hear him talk that way, but we could listen to him take a conference call all day long.

Work out: There is something about him taking the time to care for his body that is just hot. Even more hot, though, is how he looks when he comes back all sweaty and manly.

Cook dinner or bake: There is something about a man who appreciates good food and who can make it as well.

Chew gum: This isn’t true for every woman, but some women say that seeing their man chew gum for some reason really makes them hot. Is it a fresh breath thing?

Speak another language: This one is a no-brainer. Watching a man switch into another language is just plain sexy.

Play with kids: There is nothing sweeter than seeing a man really love and enjoy children. A man who is actually good with kids is a winner, indeed.

Drink whiskey straight-up: This is just MANLY. It’s beyond sexy. I like a man who can fix things or drink hard liquor or take a punch. It’s just that raw masculinity.

Drive a manual: Much like whiskey, driving standard is kind of a man thing. If he can do that, what can he do to me?

Get dressed: Yes, I love to see my man take off his clothing, but seeing him put them on is even hotter. This is especially true when he looks good or is dressed up. But sometimes even ratty jeans and a t-shirt make him look smokin’.
So ladies, what other things turn you on?

8 comments on “10 Things Men Do That Turn Women On

  1. I enjoy reading your post.One little problem is point 1 which mandated the man to wash the dish.Does it really turn her on?A lady believs that the kitchen and other home cliche are her duties and wouldn’t appreciate a man doing that.Don’t you think they should do it together to spark their emotion without electricity?Hoping you could reply this.Thanks.

    • Thanks for your input. I don’t mean he should ALWAYS wash the dishes. Just imagine surprising her when she’s had a bad day by helping her out with that chore. Trust me, that would melt her heart (and the parts down there too)😉

      • I like the idea of melting down there, well it all sounds good & doable ,I will try some of it & see how that turns out

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