3 Ways To Show Affection In Public Without Being Offensive

I think we can all agree there’s a difference between cute companionship and full-on PDA.

So where’s the line? Here are 3 tips on being affectionate in public:

1. Hold hands, not bodies
While putting his arm around your shoulder is totally fine, grabbing butt-cheeks and any other private parts is a no-go. In fact, less is always more in these situations. Public groping is just plain disgusting.

2. Kiss gently, not aggressively

Cute little pecks here and there never hurt. Even locking lips a tiny bit longer is totally OK, but anything that involves tongue or saliva should be saved for home. Think about it: would you want to witness two people swapping spit in public? Yuck!

3. Remember, eye contact is hot!

Nothing says “I want you” more than those steamy, longing gazes at one another! It’s the exact reason we all love to swoon over our favorite will-they-won’t-they TV couples. The sexual tension builds to the point of explosion. Why not try that with your beau? You’ll be dying to rip each other’s clothes off at home in the bedroom!

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