9 Tips For Steamy Shower Sex

Getting clean while doing the dirty is the best form of multi-tasking. Trust us: These shower sex moves will blow you—and your guy—away.

1. Start Slow

Find a shower gel you both like and take turns sponging each other off. Using a loofah or sponge instead of your hands can amp up anticipation, so it’ll be that much hotter when you finally reach skin on skin contact.
2. Take a Toy
Plenty of sex toys are waterproof nowadays. Buy one and use it on yourself while he’s washing his hair, then have him finish you off. Or have him use it on you while you’re busy sudsing up.
3. Do it Doggie Style
He’ll love the view he gets during doggie style, and the walls of the shower give you plenty of leverage to lean on as he’s thrusting. Keep in mind that condoms have an increased risk of breakage or failure when you’re using them in the water, so only do this if you’ve both been tested and you’re on another form of birth control.
4. Climb on Top in the Tub

Fill the tub with plenty of bubbles first. The fact neither of you can see what’s going on makes it easier to lose your inhibitions. So what if you’re splashing?
5. Put on a Slippery Show

If you’ve got an adjustable showerhead, spray it on your clitoris and other erogenous zones to show the way you want to get off, then have him do the same to you. Seeing you let go, then handing him the reigns is an irresistible combination for him.
6. Lube Up
Unfortunately, water everywhere doesn’t reduce friction or dryness down there. A silicon lube will keep things slippery everywhere.

7.Have Him Pay Attention to Your Twins

Sit facing him in the tub, then have him play with your breasts, either with his fingers or with his lips. The warmth of the water plus the warmth of his touch will feel amazing.

8. Wear a Tee in the Tub

You + wet T-shirt = fantasies for years to come. Once it’s soaked, let him slowly strip it off.
9. Have Him Dry You Off

Getting him to slowly towel you down, then apply lotion everywhere on your body, is the perfect way to segue into sexy-times part two.

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