6 Fashion Looks No Man Over 25 Should Rock

When it comes to fashion, a tall, handsome, physically fit man can probably get away with wearing just about anything.

But let’s face it, we all ain’t that lucky. So just because Weezy can rock jeggings doesn’t mean other men should try to – so if you’re over 25, here are 5 things you men should never wear…unless you’re a devastatingly handsome model or a rap/rock star.

1. Skinny Jeans

Not to be confused with Slim Fit jeans, Skinny Jeans look like leggings…and I’ve yet to see a grown man who looks hot in them. I mean, what are you actually thinking when you go to a store to buy them? No man should be wearing jeans that tight and show all his…business. Even worse is a “husky” man who tries to rock this trend. Not a good look. Try a relaxed or boot cut fit – not jeggings that make you look like your circulation is about to be cut off. Know your body and dress accordingly. To most women outside of Amber Rose, skinny isn’t even remotely attractive.

2. A Deep V-Neck Tee

Most men I see who sport deep v-neck tees are men who have huge pecs – whether they be man boobs or muscles. However, cleavage on a man is not cute. You’re doing too much with this look and no one needs to see your belly button. If I see your navel or your stomach because you’re wearing a deep v (quite frankly, you may as well not wear a shirt if you’re going to have that on), I’m just going to go ahead and assume you’re not trying to attract a woman anyway and just keep on moving.

3. Tighty Whities

Yes, I’m sure they’re supportive and all that, but if a man wears “panties” after a certain age, we just imagine you still living in your mom’s basement eating cereal all day. It’s just childish. Grow up and buy yourself some boxers or boxer briefs. The only way briefs are cute is if they’re on a 5-year-old and they have Angry Birds or Batman on them.

4. Sandals with Socks

Some women don’t even like for men to wear “mandals,” but this is made even worse when coupled with dingy socks. There is absolutely no reason to put socks on with sandals. And doesn’t that kind of defeat the purpose anyway? I thought sandals were meant to keep your feet cool, while socks were meant to keep your feet warm.

5. Lots of Jewelry

Unless your name is 2 Chainz, your bling should not resemble that of Mr. T. Leave all that wanna-be-rapper-Jesus-piece stuff alone and get a life. And if you rock a ring on each of your fingers, you’re a pimp – the only thing you need is a chalis and a perm. There’s nothing wrong with wearing A ring, A chain or AN earring, but wearing 2 of each all at the same time is overkill. Leave the accessorizing to us ladies and save your money.

6. Braids

Yes, Allen Iverson has gotten away with wearing them his entire NBA career. Rapper Pusha T claims “the power” is in his hair. But they’re both over 30 with braids and just as wrong as you are if you’re a grown man still wearing braids. I mean, little boys are getting haircuts at the age of two and here you are in your 20s or 30s holding on to your youth by wearing cornrows…with designs.  Please take yourself into the local barbershop and get a haircut!

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