Help! I’m Addicted To Sex

I’m not sure if there’s any help out there for a girl like me; If sex addiction is truly a health addiction… What I do know is, this can’t be normal and my sexual lifestyle is completely out of my control.

Here’s my story…

I am a 25-year-old lady, living in Lagos (A South-Western part of Nigeria), I got introduced to sex relatively early. At the age of 6, I already had my first kiss. By the time I was 10, I was very aware of what sex what and although, I haven’t had an actual penis in me yet, I have done a few of the ‘wining and grinding’ with a few male friends. So when I clocked 15, and had an actual opportunity to do the real thing, I was highly curious and definitely interested.

He was an employee of my dad’s and he has been giving me ‘the eye’ since he started working for us. I should state here that for some reason, I was never attracted to my fellow school mates, even though those masturbating-freaks will give anything to stick their d*cks in a hole. So you can imagine my excitement when I realize that this was my opportunity to have my first ever sexual experience with an older man.

It was a warm, quiet Friday. My sisters were in school, my folks were already out doing whatever it was they did for a living. I was home-alone because my school was on Mid-term-break. It was 10:00 am, I hadn’t had my bath yet so I was still dress in the sleeveless shirt and short shorts I slept in. I came over to pick up something my dad forgot at home. I was on the couch, flipping through the channels and trying to figure out what watch on TV. I didn’t realize he was in a corner of the living-room, intently watching me. When I looked up and our eyes met, I gave him an uneasy smile which he returned with one of his own. He came over to sit by me.

After a few silent, awkward moment, he ran his arm up my leg. I felt desire like I’ve never felt before. Soon, his hands was in my lady parts, his lips on mine and my hands around him.

While it wasn’t exactly a pleasant first-time experience, I knew for a fact that something in me has changed. I just never knew how much.

The Employee and I hooked up a few more times after that. The sex got better and I was finding it extremely intoxicating. Then he stopped working for my dad and that was the last time I heard from him.

By the time I turned 17, my hormones were all over the place. I could not go a 3 days without a d*ck or fingers in me. I got it whenever I could get it. I had a couple of relationship end due to my incessant need for sex. So in my 3rd relationship, I started having my fun on the side. (Less pressure on him, I thought).

Now I’m 25, thinking about one day settling down and I just know my way of life would be a problem. I mean, there’s gonna be a huge difference between hiding your extra men from a boyfriend and hiding them from a partner you actually live with.

Don’t get me wrong, I have tried getting over my addiction. I have gone a whole 2 weeks without sex and it was excruciating so I know I’d never do that again. I am presently in love with a man who knows nothing about my addiction, my numerous sex toys and of course, the other men. In these part of the world, I doubt there are any shrinks that could help with my ‘situation’ so I’m basically stuck right now.

Any advice, tips, references to a good shrink would be highly appreciated. And don’t go judging my lifestyle (because I’m sure you might want to), I’ve heard it all.

Thanks in advance.

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15 comments on “Help! I’m Addicted To Sex

  1. I totally understand your condition because I have been there and i have searched for help and one thing I got to know is that you can never do it alone. There is this group meeting they have in South Africa I am making arrangement to take place in Nigeria here. You can mail me if you want more information

  2. My name is Dotun,I’m an mfm member,we have this programme that runs 4 five days,mon to fri,if u attend and u heed to all instruction u are given.i guarantee u ur freedom.unlawful sex has it implication which is mainly being a captive to spirit husband or wife.this spirit each has their own degree of aggresiveness.some force their captive to sex in the dream.i know u will have a sex partner.pls attend and be free forever.U can contact me through my emails( or

  3. I think u need to see a therapist thou they aint much in ds part of da world bt a therapist is surely da key………I cn fix u to one thou

  4. Girl i wil advice u hook up wit reading novels not romance,or u can just sleep off wen u ar in d mood 4 sex and ask God 2 help u 2 help u,may b wit fasting 4 some months.i knw God wil help if u really want 2 help urself.

  5. Sex have spiritual implication, so go to God in fasting and prayer with all your heart .For forgiveness of sin and restoration everything will be over. And please remove your mind from sex……

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