“My Sex Drive Has Been Diminishing Since I Got Married”



I am in my thirties and married with two kids. When I was in school, I used to have high libido and my urge for sex was very constant. I had a bunch of girlfriends at the time and we met occasionally for a ‘good time’.

I once met a girl from the South-South part of Nigeria. Most girls from this area are known for their insatiable lust for sex. We got together very often and the sex was really good. She was great in bed and I never disappoint either. Whenever we make love, she begs me to ‘cum’ as it takes me so long to reach orgasm most times.

I recently got married to a lady from my state (A Yoruba woman). Initially, the sex was really good, but soon after, I became less interested in lovemaking. It got to a point that I no longer last in bed like I used to. Our lovemaking sessions only last a few minutes. Also, my wife doesn’t get wet whenever we have sex, and she finds it really hard to reach orgasm. I have tried it all, even giving her head as much as I can.

Though I love her, this whole thing is making us feel like we are no longer in love with each other.

I would like an advice on what to do to regain my high libido. What drugs/foods I can take. And also, what can my wife use to improve her sex drive.

Your opinions and advice would be really appreciated.


Mr. LowLibido


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