“I Love Him But He Is Bisexual”



I have been dating my current boyfriend for over a year now.

I really care about him and he makes me happy. I am 23-years old and was married before. It was just not a good situation. My ex was physically and emotionally abusive and I finally had the strength to leave. My boyfriend and I started off as friends because I wasn’t looking to get into another relationship for a while. I wanted to focus on getting into law school. He is helping me with my applications because he just finished law school.

I care about him so much and have started introducing him to friends and family. He was even my date to my sis’s wedding. There is just one thing that I’m scared of them finding out. He is bi-sexual. I found out months after we had been dating and hooking up. I respect his honesty and I accept him for who he is, but my family and friends aren’t so accepting and I just know they will have a lot to say about it. We are in an exclusive relationship. I’m not sure what I should do because I care about him and I can see a future with him. How do I deal with them potentially finding out?




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