PHOTO: Actress Omotola Jalade’s Nude Photo Emerges

Looks like this photo has been causing quite a buzz in the blogosphere lately. It is quite possible that nude picture, which people claim is of Nollywood’s own Omotola Jalade-Ekeinde, could have been a Photoshopped gag. Guess it’s up to each one to figure that out.

Check out the photo after the cut..

The ass sure looks like hers tho. (Not like I’d know)

24 comments on “PHOTO: Actress Omotola Jalade’s Nude Photo Emerges

  1. This is not her, but the way female stars like Beyounce, Niki Minaj, etc are going
    nude on stage and dressing indecently means that very soon Nigerian ladies would join. If yopu are interested click this link below to view a video Niki Minaj half naked:
    Please you must be more than 18 to view this video

  2. You are used to this at the swimming pools, so what isw? Thoiugh one thng is sure OMOTELA J E is on Show BIZ. So what is new, take OJE the way you see her. Unique and promoting NOLLYWOOD for Nigeria, for AFRICA……!

  3. She isn’t the person, it’s a photoshop kinda thing. This pose belongs to Bria Myles, it’s not omotola. Rubbish, the person who did this is only looking for attention. If he may know, he got it but sorry u still ain’t important……

  4. I mean 4 christ sake women shouldnt be nude. Look its very expensive 2 be seducing d whole world with nudity. Jesus christ i mean our messiah is coming very soon 2 seperate d goat from sheep,2 seperate d weat from d weed,2 seperate d righteous from d wicked. Whats d purpose of ur coming into d world,2 do Gods work and live or 2 do devils work and perish in hell. Jesus died dat we shall live.

  5. Dis is nt omosexy re body structure dose nt luk lyk dis haba hu ever did dis is very crazy.

  6. I know Omotala Jalade as a Diva, one of the best in the film industry.Also, i know very well that the good Lord has blessed her with so much fame and wealth with Children.I do not know what else you might be looking for by acting nude..although she has her to use her body what which ever way she like.But lets cross check if really she is the one in that pic cus enemies can go to any level to brought someone down.She remains my diva.Chukwudike Abraham Lagos

  7. Just because the they cant stop her fame now they are soooooo desperate resorting to cheap adverts. Welll they just made her ore populer and that aint her legs or her waist line: more power to ur elder omosexy ur enemies will not die but live to see God increase ur territory. Amen

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