My Husband Loves to Use Sex Toys … On Himself

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Thirty-two-year-old Jane is sharing her dirty little secret today.

Well, really it’s her husband’s secret. You see, Mr. Jane loves to play with sex toys. Jane was totally game when he first suggested it and just assumed that meant there would be some more buzzing pleasure for her.

She never thought he meant he wanted sex toys for himself. And she’s a little weirded out about it. She realizes it’s a double standard, but can’t shake the feeling that it’s just odd. It makes her feel inadequate. Let’s read what Jeanie has to say.

My husband and I are that couple that never had any kind of issue in the sex department. Even after two kids. Sure, it’s hard to find time, but we do and manage to have sex at least twice a week. Which in my world, with my group of friends, that seems to be a lot. So we’re trucking along, having great and frequent sex and one day Mr. Jane decides he wants to use sex toys. Sounds great, I tell him, and ask him to pick some up. He does. And when he whips them out they are all for him.

It’s like knowing someone went to the candy store to buy you something but they come home with the one thing you don’t like.

He bought the Fleshlight which is a thingy he puts his penis in INSTEAD of my … you know. And an anal tickler that’s supposed to stimulate his prostate. Nothing for me. And he wants me to use these on him. Call me a prude, but I just wasn’t into this. And I couldn’t help but feel I was doing something wrong or that my vagina wasn’t good enough for him because he basically bought a fake vagina that didn’t squeeze two kids out of it.

I played along the first time and didn’t enjoy it. He did. But we also had great sex afterward. When I mentioned this whole thing to one of my friends she was so freaked out she told me she could never look at Mr. Jane the same way again. So I’ve silenced myself … until now. I need advice. Is this weird? Should I be worried? Do other husband’s use sex toys like mine wants to? Help!

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