Here’s My Issue With Monogamy……..



I have come to believe that I have some “nontraditional” views on monogamy. Really, you say? Considering the content of this blog, this is hardly a “hold the press!” moment, but I thought I should put down some of my thoughts on the subject just the same.

I had a conversation with a friend a while back during which she said that she “envies” hubby and I, because we have such a “great” relationship. I told her that we, too, have our own problems and issues, but that we work very hard at our marriage. And that we’ve almost lost it before too.

Marriage is hard. It takes work. It takes biting your tongue and giving up some of your own goals and desires. Compromising on things for the benefit of the relationship. I said that I’d never do it again though, if things don’t work out this time…

Because I believe that monogamy is not natural. And here is why. We are animals. We are primates. And most primates do not mate for life  (Gibbons, which do, tend to be the exception). As a matter of  fact, less than 5% of the animal population on Earth are truly monogamous. Now, some primates, and many other animals, form relationships. Some of them have, for lack of a better term, partners. This is referred to as Social Monogamy, but they still are not sexually monogamous. They partner, they may rear their young together, but they do not stop having sex with others. It just doesn’t happen.

And the few animals that do mate for life, such as swans, they don’t cheat. Hell, if a Black Vulture begins to act promiscuous, the other vultures, not just his mate, will attack him. This is the main thing for me. If we’re designed to mate for life, then cheating would not exist. Or it  would be a rarity. But that is not the case. Cheating happens. All the time. I know a lot of people who’ve cheated, including Jack and myself. A ton. And I probably only know about a very small percentage of the infidelities that are going on (and, just in case you’re wondering, most cheaters don’t get caught. Six out of ten cheaters think they completely got away with it).

It’s hard to actually find a concrete number of people who cheat. For married couples (because this data is easiest to find), it seems to range somewhere from as low as 11% to as much as 60% depending on what you read. The higher percentages consider that many researchers feel people are still lying, even in studies, afraid to admit to cheating. And keep in mind, these statistics are for people who are now married, not people who have already divorced. My assumption is if you included this population, the numbers would be significantly higher. But that is just my thoughts. The fact remains that people cheat, and they do it often.

I believe that humans have evolved in such a way that we form attachments, we “fall in love,” for a brief period (about 5 to 7 years). This occurs because a human child takes so long to become self-sustaining and so much effort has to go into rearing in those first few years. Ask any single parent; they will tell you. It’s exhausting. Now imagine doing that in a world where you still have to forage for food, hunt for meat, find shelter, protect yourself from the elements and predators. With only one parent, the chance that a human infant would survive to the point that they could reproduce is slim to none. But add in a second parent, and suddenly the ability to survive increases exponentially. **I think this is a mutually beneficial thing, from a biological point of view. And I think both partners are designed to do this. I know there is a lot of talk about men spreading their seeds and women trying to protect their offspring for propagation of the species and all that, I think this is fundamentally different.**

But by the time a human child reaches the age of 4 or 5, they have learned how to walk, how to communicate, how to feed themselves. They no longer need the aid of two parents to survive. This is why I believe people “fall out of love.” And think about it. People talk about the “7 year itch”. It seems more than just coincidence to me. So what does this mean to me? To my marriage?

I don’t know. I think I lost the point I was trying to make. Hell, I don’t know if there was a point. I’m just saying, we live in this world and we have these ideals. And they’re fucked up. They are against our biological make-up. And yet we judge people, we criticize them. We feel guilt, shame, disgust. I think we’ve set ourselves up for failure…


The Diary Of Karen

6 comments on “Here’s My Issue With Monogamy……..

  1. We have animalistic desires, but what we also have is gift of thinking and making our decisions based on a common sense. deep down we all are different and have our own needs, and when we make decision to cheat, it is basicly because we need something different than we have. Society is what makes us fell shameful about it. but we are also weak and not able to proceed with other changes in our lives. Basicly, if we are complitly satisfied with sex life with our partner, we wont have a need to got to search for someone else. That is how I feel.

  2. I would be able to believe that monogamy is “unnatural” if there weren’t many of those that succeed in being monogamous. You say that people cheat often-which is very true. But there are plenty (and I mean plenty), of couples who are able to remain monogamous.

    And you want to compare us to primates…primates, like humans, kill one another. Should we no longer “judge” a man who has killed his neighbor over a mere piece of property? Of course we’re going to judge him, and no one would think it wrong. But why? Many species of animal do it?

    Besides, we have illnesses that afflict us which other animals do not have to deal with (or have to deal with on a much smaller level): STDs and STIs. Look at the epidemic we face now with AIDS and HIV. There are tribes in certain parts of Africa where both men and women practice polygamy…sadly, their rates of STDs are through the roof… Polygamy added to that a great deal. Oh sure, it would be fine if people just protected themselves. Well, they haven’t started yet, so I wouldn’t bet on it happening just because polygamy became the new society norm. Still, I get what you’re saying.

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