Erotic Story : “James”



I’m a thirty-year-old fair skinned lady, five foot six inches tall, one hundred and twenty eight pounds with a thirty four “C” boobs and am told I am pretty hot.

I am an ad executive for a fairly large ad agency, make real good money and rented a beautiful bungalow in an upscale estate.

The day I was moving in to my new place, my neighbour came over and introduced himself, he was a hottie and told me he was an interior designer, which immediately made me think he was gay and all my lewd thoughts evaporated.

He was dressed exceptionally well, which only added to my doubting his heterosexuality, but when he offered to help me decorate my home, I was good with that. After all, nothing like a little professional help when you can get it. So I accepted his offer and when we shook hands I noticed how soft his hands were for a man.

One thing I did notice though, was that he had a rather large bulge in his crotch and it wasn’t from a hard on, which made me wonder why it is that most of the gay guys are well endowed

I’ll get back to my story, my new neighbour’s name was James and after the movers were finished, true to his word, he came over to help me fix the place up. He really had some great ideas and after we were finished, it was obvious that a professional had been at work there.


I took James out to dinner to show my appreciation as he wouldn’t agree to let me pay and much to my surprise, I had a real good time with him and we became friends. James had a pool which I used all the time and he would join me a lot. I start to notice that his bulge was even bigger in a swim suit, making me salivate with ideas.

Now the biggest problem with my job was the hours I work and I didn’t get to meet many men, so when the ad agency was throwing a party for a new client, I asked James if he would accompany me. I had to get a new dress of course and to my surprise and delight, James said he would help me shop for it. We went to collectibles, a popular boutique in Lagos and after trying on about nine or ten dresses, I put one on that James really liked on me and even the sales lady agreed, I looked stunning.

Now while trying dresses on, James would open the dressing room door to hand me a dress and I got very comfortable with standing in front of him in my bra and panties, so much so that by the time he was giving me the last dress to try on, I held the door open to see what he was getting. We got a small swatch and we had to get shoes to match so James took me to a shoe store owned by a friend of his. We found a beautiful pair of heels in white and James had his friend dye them for me to match the dress and then he asked me what I was doing for under garments. I said I think I had something at home and he told me, “No way lady, new dress and shoes, new underwear” and that his aunt owned a speciality boutique that would have the perfect garments for me.

His aunt wasn’t in but James had a key. So the both of us had the whole store to ourselves.While trying out new underwear, I found an ash-colored set and tried it on for James to see, actually modeling for him in the underwear; he didn’t think it was right so I continued looking but now still in the underwear. I tried a few more sets on for him in colors and noticed his bulge getting bigger. I didn’t think anything of it. James found a set in red and I put it on, the bra was a push up bra that didn’t quite cover my nipples and the panties were barely more than a thong and I hadn’t shaved down there in a while so you could see my hair. I thought to myself it’s a shame James is gay because I looked really hot in this set and walked out to show him. His look floored me, he looked like he wanted to eat me alive, he was staring at my pussy and his bulge was now huge and I mean huge.

He saw me staring at his bulge and immediately dropped his pants and shorts and before me now was the biggest cock I had ever seen. It was thirteen inches long and about as round as a soda can, it was immensely huge and I think I wet myself it was so beautiful looking. It was all one color, his skin tone, no veins or funny bumps and he was circumcised, it was just the most beautiful thing I ever saw, it was the Holy Grail of cocks.

He walked to me and I went right to my knees and wrapped both hands around this magnificent beast and began kissing it all over. I took the head of that beautiful cock into my mouth while I stroked the shaft with both hands and James was now moaning rather loudly and kept saying, “Oh yes baby, like that”. I am a really good cock sucker, so it didn’t take real long before that big dick got even bigger and harder and exploded in my mouth. I swallowed as fast as I could but he came so much, it was running out of the corners of my mouth and covering my tits. James pumped into my mouth and he also had the best tasting cum I ever sucked down my throat.

When he finally finished pumping me full of his hot cum, he looked down at me and asked me where I had learned to suck cock like that, I replied then that I thought he was gay. He smiled and told me it worked with me didn’t it, I had no compulsions about stripping to my bra and panties in front of him and he knew then it was just a matter of time before he would fuck me.


I asked him if it always worked on the females and he told me it hadn’t failed him yet, seems like most women want to fuck a gay guy just to prove their femininity to the world and I was sure one of them. He brought me to my feet, undid my bra, took it off and took hold of both my tits while telling how fucking beautiful my tits are, then he asked me if I thought I could take his cock in my cunt. I told him I had a ten inch dildo at home that I have been fucking regularly, the kind that attaches to almost anything and that once I get wet I can take it in one fast motion, all the way to the hilt. He put his hand inside my panties, told me he loved hairy women and kissed me, he put two fingers into my cunt hole and it exploded my hot juice all over his hand. He pushed me to the floor, took my panties off and I saw he was hard as a rock again and I knew I was about to get the fuck of my life. He put the head of his big cock into my pussy and I thought my pussy was going to be ripped open, his cock was huge. He kept it there for a minute or so, then very slowly moved his cock in up and down in my pussy, a little bit at a time and the way he did it, my hot cunt kept opening up for him every little thrust he made in my cunt. After a few minutes he had over half of his magnificent beast inside my pussy and I never had even been close to the full feeling that my cunt was experiencing now,that and the risk of getting caught by any of the security guards made me cum all over that sweet piece of meat. When he knew I came, he pushed harder and I thought my cunt had split apart but it didn’t hurt.

We lay there not moving, James giving my pussy a chance to get used to his awesome cock and he asked me if I liked sucking his cock, to which I responded, “Oh Gawd yes, Gawd yes” and then he told me I was the best cock sucker he ever had suck his cock. My legs were all the way back to my shoulders, being held there by James and he started moving his cock around inside my stuffed pussy. I never experienced anything like that in my cunt before, his cock was stretching my pussy to it’s limit I thought and I swore I could taste it in my mouth it was so big. While doing this, James told me that I was now going to be his personal whore and that I would be sucking or fucking his cock every day now and of course I whole heartedly agreed with him. He started pulling his cock almost all way out of my cunt and slamming it back into me, I couldn’t believe I was taking this huge piece of meat like I had done it before and then I lost my mind with lust. He kept making me cum, one right after the other and then after I had cum four or five times, he made me play with my clit while he fucked me and you know what that did to me. He fucked me for quite a long time before I felt his big cock getting even bigger inside me and I tried to get him to pull out before he came in me but he held me there and pumped so much cum into my cunt it felt like a hot water faucet had been opened inside my pussy.


When he pulled his cock out of my cunt his cum poured out all over my ass and the rug, it was a truly impressive amount of cum. I told James that he shouldn’t have cum in me as I wasn’t on the pill or anything and he kind of laughed and told me to suck his cock clean and check his balls when I did. I did as told and after licking his cock clean, licked his balls and noticed a small scar and knew he had a vasectomy, I was elated as I now knew he could cum in me every time he fucked me and I loved that feeling of hot cum shooting up my cunt. We went into the bathroom, I washed us both clean, of course sucking his cock some more and after we were cleaned up he made me pose for him, showing off my tits, pussy and asshole for him. James was talking to me the whole time I posed, telling me what a hot little whore I am, a great cocksucker and how he was going to keep my mouth and cunt full of hot cum.

He was sitting on a small couch that was there and his cock was hard again, along with my pussy dripping cunt juice again and he told me to come sit on his hot cock. I straddled him, put the head of his cock in my pussy and just pushed down onto it. My pussy still felt like it was going to split wide open but it also felt so fucking good and I took it right to his balls and came on him. He wrapped his arms around me, put his tongue in my mouth and now it was my turn to fuck him so I started moving my ass around and his cock was so big it was rubbing against my “G” spot. I lost it again and was fucking James’s cock like a crazy woman, moaning and then screaming when I came and I could hear James telling me what a good fucking cunt I am, that I was born to be his whore and I was the best piece of ass he ever had.

I don’t know how long I fucked him or how many times I came, but when I finally had that earth-shattering orgasm that almost made me pass out, James’s lower body was covered in my cunt cream and so was the couch. I wrapped my arms around him, put my head on his shoulder and then felt his cock explode inside my pussy and his cum reached places cum had never been before. We stayed like that for a while as both of us were totally fucked out even falling asleep for a bit and when I awoke with his cock still a little bit in my again needy pussy, naked as a jay bird, I just knew this was meant to be and was wondering if James could get hard one more time before we left.


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