Another Davido Bedroom Pic Hits The ‘Net



This Picture just leaked online, and has been making rounds on the internet, and it’s apparently the young Nigerian artiste, Davido in bed with an alleged lover.

This is the second time something like this is happening, as pictures of him in a compromising situation with another girl Sonia leaked earlier this year

The young Artiste is getting popular by the day,and dropped his Album O.B.O earlier this year.

9 comments on “Another Davido Bedroom Pic Hits The ‘Net

  1. David, y re u doing dis 2ur self? pls renounce d world nd cum back 2 God, He still luv u nd will accept u back if only u will accept Him… david, wat shall it profit u if u gain all d pleasures of dis world, pleasures lyk wealth, fame, women, frds, etc. nd den afta gaining or enjoying these pleasure 4a very short tym nd den u lose ur soul 2 ETERNAL FIRE! sure it wont profit u anytin but will only prepare u 4 eternal torment… we luv u… pls return 2d God of ur childhood! GOD LUVS U!!!

  2. He posted the pic himself, it sure didn’t lick. Looking for a cheap publicity? Why not go nude and getnthe pics “licked” on the net.

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