“My Boyfriend’s Mother Is Disrespectful To Me”



I’m a 22-year old student in the University and I’m currently dating a guy whom I met on campus.

Just recently I met his mother and she seemed like a very sweet woman. She didn’t really talk to me much and she didn’t really get to know me, but I didn’t think anything of it.

I simply chalked it up to her being busy. However, after our first meeting, anytime me and my boyfriend tried to hang out, I’d always hear about his mother calling me “irresponsible” and “reckless” because I “partied too much.”

Then she called me disrespectful after saying that I stayed at her house too long….even though while I was there she told me to “get comfortable and stay as long as you like.” Also, she never calls me by my name. It’s always “that girl.”

She’s even brought up some of his ex-girlfriends that she likes while I’m around. My boyfriend keeps telling me that she likes me, but she only acts like that because he’s her youngest child and that she does it to all his girlfriends.

Now I do respect their relationship and would not dare come at this lady any other way but the right way, but I feel like if she doesn’t like me then she shouldn’t pretend that she does.

I would never disrespect her, but I don’t want her to be phony with me. Am I wrong for thinking that way? Should I let it slide off my back? Do I get him to address it? What should I do?

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