5 Insane Sex Position You Gotta Try Before The Year Ends



Okay, so if you aren’t a stranger to this blog, you’d know nothing gets me more excited than coming across really cool (and sometimes extreme) sex positions, except perhaps getting to share them with you. And in the spirit of the season, I have come up with 5 great sex positions that’s guaranteed to end 2012 with a ‘fucking bang’, literally…

Enjoy… And let’s hope you don’t end up in the emergency room:)

Number 5: The London Bridge


Now if you know your nursery rhymes, you already know that this one is probably going to end badly.

If “London bridge falls down” here, then London bridge is going to be in some serious back pain for the next few weeks. Never mind the damage he might do to himself just getting into the position in the first place.

But if you are confident in your strength to pull this off, more power to ya..

Number 4: Waterfall


Benefits: The blood will rush to your other head, too.

He lies back with his head and shoulders on the floor and has her move to the edge of the bed as she straddles she. The blood will rush to his head creating mind-blowing sensations as he climaxes. The position also grants her easy access as she gets to grind and move as much as she wants.

Number 3: Wheelbarrow


Uhm, okay this seems pretty basic, right? You know that wheelbarrow game you played with your friends when you were a kid, well, this is sort of an intense/sexual variation of that.

Warning: This might not end well if the woman or man’s arms gives way at any point during the proceedings.

But it sure is fun to try.

Number 2:  The Pogo Stick


Basically, the guy crouches down whilst simultaneously lifting the girl up before standing back up and pulling her down. There are just too many moving parts here for this to end in anything but an ”embarrassing hospital visit” anecdote…

But I still maintain you give it a try. I mean, what’s life without risks…

Number 1: The Backdoor Cartwheel


Okay, do NOT attempt to try this!! .. Nahh, just kidding, by all means, go ahead.

So the way I figure it, the guy’s gotta be balancing on a wall then she positions herself against him. But if the guy is somehow able to stand on his head, sans-wall, well then kudos to him…

This made number 1 on the list, because frankly, the position scares the shit outta me. But if you and your partner are able to carry this out, then I dub you Master and Mistress of All Things Sexual.😀


Merry Christmas Fellow Freaks…. *kisses*

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