Rihanna’s Nude Photos Emerges



So… ever wonder what’s underneath all the sexy?

Well, Rihanna was in her native country of Barbados last week to spend the holidays with her family. While on the balcony of her hotel with the curtains wide open, Rihanna took off her bikini to put on her underwear.

There were paparazzi lurking around (which she was probably aware of) and they zoomed in their camera and captured Rihanna in all her glory.

Check out the photos😀






She does look a tad bit surprised tho.

What do you think?

27 comments on “Rihanna’s Nude Photos Emerges

  1. Can’t this good for nothing , noosy paparazzi leave this Hollywood hotties alone??they are after all humans!!*sick *

  2. Shame on the reporter and the idiot / pervert that took the pix, this is an infringement on her fundamental RIGHT! A lady in her room changing is now a crime and for public consumption , she better sue BIG TIME! What kind of journalism is this?

  3. l think the drugs is using has got into her head…….my heart goes out to her mother…..oh mother, what didnt you do right?

  4. If in 2013 a public icon and role model is teachn peple hw 2 get naked i believe dat by 2014 it wld be teachn ppl public sex. It a very bad e.g dat she is seting . She should Repent…

  5. Wah a world we are in…our celebrities are suposed to influence those that look up to them positively not teaching them this kind of insanity

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