The Bad Girl Diaries: Girl On Girl Action With My Bestie



I stayed awake for what seemed like hours watching my best friend Olamide sleeping next to me in my bed. Her long hair was draped over her pillow and her leg was wrapped around the sheet. She seemed so peaceful, obviously having sweet dreams. I rolled over and smiled as I saw how wild I looked in the mirror on my closet door.

As the sun began to rise I closed my eyes to picture what had happened in this very bed, not 5 hours earlier. Calling Olamide to spend the night while my mom wasn’t home seemed like the perfect plan as I dialed her phone number

“Just a lazy night of watching tv”, I explained to her.

Without hesitation she was over. The convenience of having her as a neighbor. We had been friends for 4 years now, ever since her family moved here. I even remember how beautiful I thought she was when we were 15. How nervous I was to introduce myself to her. So many nights my mind was filled with thoughts of her as my fingers explored my body.

“What would it be like to touch her breasts” or “rub her through her panties” I would wonder. But now the wondering and the waiting was over. I had done all of the things I often dreamed of doing with Olamide the night before in my very own bed.

It all started with a scene in The Mechanic. We both giggled when they showed that girl riding Jason Statham. Sex wasn’t new to either of us. Both of us were dating, and we were both sexually active. Although sleeping with Chris satisfied me, I knew deep down that something was missing, and now thanks to Olamide I am reassured.

Olamide looked at me during that sex scene in a way I never expected. She sort of stared at me in lust. Her lips moist from licking them, her gorgeous eyes fixed right on me. It was a look that made me nervous yet aching for her. We looked deep into each others eyes for a few minutes before our heads leaned in for that perfect first kiss. I remember the rush of fire my body felt at her touch. How soft her lips were on mine and how sweet her tongue tasted in my mouth, almost like candy.

Before I completely got over the shock of what was going on, she was crawling on top of me. We laid together kissing in our nightshirts for at least a half hour just holding each other before I got enough nerve to let my fingers slide under her gown. Her flesh was hot and she moaned softly as my hand worked its way up her back and to the sides of her perfect breasts. “mmmmmm” I thought as they filled my hands.

I cupped her perfect globes of flesh in each of my hands as our tongues twisted faster. Her pussy fit perfect on mine as her hips started to grind in rhythm with our passionate kiss. I grabbed her ass tight and held her against me. Our clits rubbed hard together as our juices combined. I could feel her growing intense with our movement, so I moved my fingers around her waist and rubbed them through her dark mound and pressed on her clit.

She began to rock faster on me now and our nightgowns were slowly creeping up exposing our breasts. My nipples were hard as they brushed against hers. “ooohhh”, she moaned, which got me really wet. We rocked together until we both came, then I held her close to me tightly as we drifted off to a deep sleep.

Now as I lay awake watching her I can’t help but get aroused again. I wonder if she enjoyed it as much as I did. A half hour later she rolled over and whispered good morning in my ear. We both smiled and began to kiss once again. Her tongue sent an electric shock throughout my entire body. My pussy ached to be touched again. She worked her lips down my body slowly, sucking my skin into her wet mouth before resting her face between my legs.

I felt her tongue separate my lips and begin to flick on my clit. “oooohh gawd”, I moaned as I pushed my pussy into her tighter. Rubbing myself on her face. It felt so good. She licked me so slowly, up and down my slit before probing deep into my wet hole. Her tongue went in deeper than anything ever has been before. She darted deep inside of me wildly. In and out her tongue screwed me as her thumb now rubbed my hard bud in slow circles.

She pressed down on my clit and started jerking it in a fast rhythm . She licked and sucked until I came in her mouth. My hot sticky juices poured out of me as my pussy throbbed. My legs wrapped around her neck and held her to me so she could clean me up. It was the most erotic experience of my life.

I never knew anything could feel so good and taste so good either, until I found out minutes later as I softly nibbled on her sweet pussy. I licked Olamide’s slit over and over before jamming deep inside her. Her pussy lips relaxed around my mouth almost inviting me in. I sucked her sweetness as fast as she came, devouring every inch of her creamy white juice.

Her scent stayed on my face as we kissed once again in a tight embrace. I never looked at Olamide the same way after she spent that weekend with me. I knew her body and she knew mine and that was something special I only wanted to share with her, my best friend.



16 comments on “The Bad Girl Diaries: Girl On Girl Action With My Bestie

  1. This is great penwomanship.:) I like it. And u no say action speaks louder than words,😉 yet these words were beautifully written and interwoven. Well done! I can tap from this myself…

  2. Got me totaly on heat…. Imagine with such great writing skills what you would do if wrote socialy acceptable stuff other that eroticas…

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