Erotic Story: The Threeway Experience



Tolu was asleep in her bed for about two hours when Dolapo crept in the front door. She hears him and rolls back over to sleep. As he crawls into the bed, his half of the bed sinks lower and she feels his arm wrap around her torso and smiles. His kisses trail down her neck and his hand begins to pull up her white satin .

“I was waiting up for you, but I fell asleep.”

“It’s ok Tolu, I like waking you up this way.” She smiled and kept her eyes closed.

“I like waking up this way too.”

“Well let’s heighten your senses a little.” He reached over her and grabbed her eye mask from the bed table.  Dolapo placed it on her and removed the blankets from the bed.

“Now no peeking Tolu, I’m going to undress and get some goodies from the fridge.”

Dolapo walked out of their bedroom to see the girl he brought home with him. He smiled at her and said,

“Stacy, She’s right through those doors. Go into the bathroom and get undressed. Then meet me back in the bedroom”.

Stacy replied saying “Is she really going to enjoy this? I know I will, but . . .”

Dolapo cut her off and said “Trust me. She’s wanted this for a long time.”

By the time Dolapo made it back into the bedroom Stacy was walking out of the bathroom. He kissed Stacy’s lips as his one hand felt her breast. The two of them made it back to the bedroom and Tolu was lying there naked curled into a ball.

Dolapo figured she must’ve fallen back asleep. She often falls back asleep while he’s getting the whip cream or nutella.. Dolapo looked at Stacy and her eyes widened as she bit her lower lip. He watched as Stacy walked to the bed and pulled Tolu’s legs down. He crawled up his side of the bed and wrapped his arm around Tolu again, this time his hand trailed to her shaven and now wet pussy.

Stacy got on the other side and began to tease Tolu’s nipple with her tongue. Stacy watched as Tolu’s hips arched and she smiled taking the whole nipple into her mouth. Dolapo watched as he felt Stacy’s hand join his on his girlfriend’s pussy. Their eyes met and then Tolu sighed.

He smiled and removed his hand from her pink hole. He began to rub himself and as he did this Tolu reached for the head that was sucking her nipple and felt the long curly hair.

Quickly She removed her eye mask and looked at Stacy.Stacy stopped and smiled back at her as She looked at Dolapo and said

“Who’s this? ”

He replied “This is Stacy. I brought her home for us to enjoy.” Stacy smiled.

“Hi Tolu” She said to a now uncomfortable Tolu,

She has always wanted to have a girl fuck her but now that it was happening she felt so uncomfortable..

“Dolapo, why didn’t you tell me?”

Dolapo replied her saying “Put the eye mask back on and relax.”

She was already starting to cover herself back up and He shook his head “No, Relax baby..  Stacy isn’t going to hurt you.”

Stacy smiled and began to kiss her way down to Tolu “Only if that’s what your into.” She said.

Tolu looked at Dolapo and he bent down to start kissing her before she could argue back. She pulled away and as she did Stacy reached her wet pussy and Dolapo got to see Tolu’s reaction the first time his girlfriend has ever been licked by a woman. Her face bore a look that was pure pleasure.

He smiled and asked. “How does that feel?”

She couldn’t say anything just a groan. He chuckled and grabbed her breast in his hand and began to squeeze her nipple all the while watching her reactions. He wanted to fuck her so badly. His cock was so hard but he wanted her to get eaten out by a woman.

“Tolu, I’m going to sit back and watch. I need to cum. I’ve been wanting to fuck you all night. I’m too horny to hold back now.”

Tolu reached out for his cock and brought it to her mouth. Her hips were moving like crazy as Stacy’s fingers were gliding in and out of her cunt. Stacy smiled at Dolapo and then went back to sucking her clit. The way Tolu was sucking on his cock he knew he was going to cum soon. Sooner than he would have liked.

She was contracting her throat and moving so hard and fast on his shaft. Tolu tasted a drop of pre-cum and pulled her mouth off his cock. Because he felt her suddenly stop he looked down at her.

“Why did you stop?”

“I want to see you fuck her while she eats me out.”She said..

Stacy looked up and Dolapo said, “Well honey, she’s here for you.”

Tolu replied “Baby, I’ve always wanted to cum while your fucking someone else. Why don’t we move so we can all enjoy this.”

She moved to the edge of the bed and Stacy knelt on the floor and Dolapo came up behind her. She handed Stacy some pillows for her knees and then Dolapo grabbed Stacy’s hips entering her soaking pussy so hard with the first thrust she groaned in Tolu’s tooshie.

They all were on the verge of cumming. Tolu pulled on her ankles more getting her cunt closer to Stacy’s mouth. Stacy was moaning so loudly into her cunt that the vibrations were turning her on more. She came as soon as she saw Dolapo’s face as he thrust in and out of Stacy.

She pulled her cunt away from Stacy’s face and moved toward her. Tolu started to kiss Stacy and let her hands roam down to Stacy’s breast to squeeze them.

As soon as She tasted her cum on Stacy’s lips she kissed her harder. She moved her hand away from Stacy’s breast and let her hand trace Stacy’s spine until she felt Stacy’s crack. She placed a nipple of hers into Stacy’s mouth to suckle on while she watched Dolapo getting closer and closer to cumming.

He started to hunch over and Tolu met his lips and knew he tasted her cum on her own mouth. He started to cum into Stacy and Stacy bit down a bit on Tolu’s nipple as she started to cum.

Once Stacy and Dolapo came He stood up and walked over to the bed and collapsed. Stacy stood and left the room. Tolu leaned over her boyfriend and kissed his lips.

“That was a wonderful way to wake up. Thank you so much.”

“No Tolu, Thank you.” He said.

The front door opened and shut and Tolu looked at Dolapo and asked “Do you think we’ll see her again?” A wide grin crept up on his face as he said

“Of course we will. She just moved in right across the street”

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