The Bad Boy Diaries: Sex With My Colleague



I just might never find the right words to sufficiently express how I felt at that very moment. Sincerely, I hadn’t been that excited in a very long time.

Even little Junior was elated at the sight of the condom. He grew so rapidly I couldn’t even believe. He sprang to life and jumped up in excitement at the prospect of the exciting session that was to follow.

And believe me, you didn’t really have to blame him, there was no way he could be happy to lose a tango with one of the hottest chicks he had ever seen…..

“Oh, Nicole, do you know I’ve had my eyes over you since you started working here?” I said as I promptly tore the sachet apart to get down to business with the condom.

“Aww, you’re so sweet but you never told me” Nicole had quipped, a sexy smile on her face. I could also see in her eyes she was as hungry as I was, she clearly couldn’t wait to get her claws on me. The message I could get from her face was “Stop the talk and let’s get down to the business”

“Well, I was shy” I’d returned, forcing the ring on the condom down the massive head of my anaconda. Little Junior wouldn’t stay still, it kept throbbing and staggering sideways, like a drunk trying to balance on his feet.

“I’ve already started running temperature, Nicole” I continued. “Certainly, I would’ve fallen ill if I’d lost the opportunity to experience heaven with you.” Let’s get this started before these fucking distributors arrive. Nicole smiled sweetly. She liked it. Indeed every woman loves a little flatter every now and then.

We were both workers at a big supermarket somewhere on the mainland. Unfortunately that day, some goods supposed to arrive the shop were delayed due to the bad state of the vehicle. Our boss had no option than to have us stay overnight to collect the goods into the warehouse. We had been waiting for hours till we decided to get a little busy.

By now, I had fully worn the condom and was ready for the battle at hand. Nicole laid back and was unbuttoning her jean button. Me, I was ready, waiting for my golden moment to be crowned Man of the match. I had pulled down my trouser and was waiting for the whistle to be blown by Nicole. Soon she was done with her jean button. She raised her bum a little and I helped her pull down her trouser.

Oho! I started feeling really high when I saw her well trimmed black and glittering mass of pubic hair. The very sight of the bushy mound sent spasm of passion surging through my entire system. It was simply irresistible. I couldn’t even say No, I mean who could? This was a complete woman right in front of me..

Quickly, I ran my hand through it and let my fingers slip down the hole in between her legs – Damn. She was overflowing with dripping juice.

Nicole’s boobs were still trapped inside her tee-shirt. I could see them. They were struggling to be part of the action. I quickly dipped my right hand into her top and granted freedom to the two beautiful bazookas. Her dark and hungry-loooking nipples were staring furiously at me, apparently wondering if I had gotten my acts together this time, after fucking up minutes ago.

I didn’t need any invitation, Instantly I buried my face in her boobs and got hold of her left nipple with my right hand, cupping and fondling her full boobs, while my lips concentrated on her right boob, sucking the living daylights out of it. Nicole began to moan softly. I could tell she goes completely weak at the slightest touch of a tongue on her nipple and I was ready to drain her out..

Sincerely speaking, only very few boobs in my 5 year career of sex had given me the kind of sensation Nicole’s boobs were giving me. Full, soft and tender things and they had this bouncy look and firmness that simply sent me reeling in wild passion and hunger for her gorgeous body

“Now…now, Dayo, take me now…..” Nicole pleaded, her eyes tightly shut as she whispered. I decided there was no point wasting time any longer. For all I know, the distributors can be here any moment. I settled myself in between her legs, spread them lightly and took a blissful plunge down the tunnel that could only give you the kind of heavenly pleasures you couldn’t find anywhere else.

She gasped as all 7 inches of high self esteem dived into her pink temple. Her nails dug deep into my back but I didn’t care.. All I could think about was how good being inside Nicole felt. I don’t know how David felt when Goliath collapsed, but I can bet it was something like this. I felt like Mo Farah after he won Gold in the 10,000m at the Olympics.. I pounded away at this piece of feminine chocolate.. I didn’t want to stop.. Her moans, her nails, the way her hips were moving.. She was just perfect.. She wrapped her legs around my waist and told me to go deeper, I didn’t want to disappoint so I did as I was told, Damn! It felt so good.. With her legs and arms around me she kept moving her hips like it was a competition.. The sensation was too much.. I was gonna nut..


We went about 2 rounds before the distributors came. Just said I should let you know and indeed Nicole gives good head, believe me.

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