8 Reasons Women Don’t Date ‘Nice’ Guys


For eons, ladies have been subjected to a certain kind of guy. The kind of guy who gets in your face, gets all red and puffy, and exclaims something like, “You just don’t want to date me because I’m TOO NICE.”

Yeah, dude. It couldn’t be, like, you. But there are a lot of guys out there who truly believe that they can’t snag a date because they’re just too NICE. Uhhkay. Hint: There is no such thing as a guy who can’t get a date because he’s too nice or, for that matter, a woman who can’t get a date because she’s too pretty. If you can’t get one lousy date, there just might be something WRONG with you.

Here are eight reasons women don’t date “nice guys.”

You say “nice” like it’s a threat. Someone who goes around touting his “former niceness” — which got him NOWHERE DAMMIT — and simultaneously bragging about his morphing into an asshole is really doing only one thing: blaming his dickness on YOU. Yes, it’s all your fault that he’s a jerk! When he wasn’t, no one paid him any attention. Wahh!

You think saying you’re “nice” is enough. You’ve done nothing — absolutely nothing — to offer up any proof that you’re a nice guy. You haven’t yet paid for one dinner, opened one door, or offered your seat in a bus even once. But you go on and on about how “nice” you are. Just because you say it doesn’t make it so.

You use the term “friendzone.” If you can’t be friends with a woman without resenting it because you’re not in the “bonezone”, then you’re going to make a lousy partner.

You think being nice means you don’t beat women. Your standards of what “nice” is means one thing — you’re not beating us. I know guys who cheat and lie up a storm but are always talking about how “nice” they are — because, I guess, they do all that without raising their voices.

You think saying you’re “nice” means we have to sleep with you. A not-entirely-surprising amount of men on the OKCupid blog said they think there are circumstances under which a woman is “obligated” to sleep with them. Yet they also described themselves as “nice.” Nice guys don’t think being nice means they automatically get a roll in the hay.

You’re unemployed, live with your parents, and have numerous other issues. But, really, it’s just because you’re “nice” that we don’t want to date you.

You describe yourself as “too nice.” Major red flag. Run.



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