Erotic Story: My Twitter Sexcapade



Mako and Claudia had been friends on Twitter for months now… They dm’d each other on a regular and even called occasionally. Both wanting more, decided that they would meet up.

They had set a date, they would meet at Mako’s. As the day grew closer Claudia grew more excited she could not wait to meet the guy she secretly adored for so long. Finally the day arrived. Claudia was really pretty with long hair, big brown eyes and pouty lips. The outfit she chose was simple but appealing. Immediately Mako saw her, he knew instantly that this was the same girl from twitter.. She looked even more beautiful than her pictures.Claudia herself was more than impressed when she saw him.. She wanted to eat him up immediately.

They talked for a while, Mako holding her hand the whole time.. She excused herself so she could collect her thoughts. Walking towards his restroom, she noticed she was weak at her knees. It felt like she was being tortured not being able to own him.. She entered the toilet and checked her panties they were soaked as she expected… Even his voice got her horny..

She straightened up her hair and refreshed her lipstick, pleased she looked fantastic.. She went back to where they sat.

“You look so beautiful” he said…

He slid next to her and kissed her lightly on the cheek; her cheek was hot where his lips had just touched. He slid his hand on her thigh and began to kiss her neck, his hand all over her thighs. With a whisper he asked if they could go upstairs. Yes.. She replied..

As they walked, he slid his hand from the small of her back over her skirt reaching under to run his fingers over her bottom. Claudia thought she’d explode right then. They got to a room in the house he said was the guest room.. It smelled nice and felt warm and cozy. Mako watched her with complete admiration as she walked in the room.. He walked up to her and began undressing her.

They kissed deeply and passionately as she began to remove his clothes.. kissing every spot. She removed his pants and eased his shaft out of his boxers and began to lick soft strokes over the tip, sucking it lightly, licking the sides and as he became fully erect she eased the tip in between her lips sucking slowly down his shaft pulsing her tongue filling her mouth with every inch.

She guided her head up and down his shaft and with his hand. She gripped the base of his member tightly to keep him from exploding in her mouth. Mako guided her over to the bed and gently eased her down. He began kissing her making his way to her breasts were he laid deep kisses. With his hand he began to trace her body, feeling every curve as he traced her thighs running his fingers on the inside of her thighs as he slowly parted her legs.. still sucking her nipples. He could feel her wetness on his finger tips.. his finger tracing over her clit.

She was gasping with his every touch. He slowly slid his finger in.. feeling her juices stir as he moved his finger within her, slowly kissing his way down to her belly.. Claudia moaned with delight as she felt his lips brush her delicate skin . He positioned his head over her wetness he could smell her, eager to taste her, he licked her clit, sucking it.. feeling Claudia’s lips grip around his finger as he slid it deep within her.. slowly easing his finger out and replacing it with his tongue, he began to flick his tongue inside of her.

She was near tears as her body began to shake beneath his mouth, she begged him to enter her. Mako stood and rolled her over on her stomach. He eased his woodie into her. Feeling her juices drip down his shaft as he began to pump long hard stokes. Pulling her straight up hard against his body, their hips moving together in deep hard stokes.

He told her with a whisper he was about to explode, Claudia stroked her clit faster.. As she did, Mako felt her shake against his body.. Both of them ready to climax. the heat rushed through their bodies.. Mako pumped her hard as he gripped her breasts. He felt the hot wavy juices of Claudia’s climax and exploded deep within her.

Both exhausted they collapsed on to the bed.. Holding her tightly against him, he could smell the sweetness of her sweat and they fell asleep in each others arms feeling the sheer bliss of each other.

Needless to say this was not the last of their encounters together…

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