The Bad Girl Diaries: “Just As I Felt A Finger On My…”

Young Nude Woman Lying in Bed


I was WET!!!

They didn’t object as I linked arms with them and they gave me a tour. It wasn’t easy cos the house was kinda packed and so many people were trying to talk to them but they made sure I stayed by their side.

They took me to the pool where different guys and girls of all shapes and colours were swimming. They showed me their garden and led me to a back door and we found ourselves back in the house. They took me upstairs and led me into one of their rooms.

I took one glance at the room and said “This is a really nice room…..I really li…….” Before I could finish my sentence, I felt someone kissing my neck and a hand on my ass….another hand cupped my boobs & another one lifting my dress. Four hands on me…..touching and teasing….I was dripping wet!! My dress came off somehow and I was lifted and placed on the bed……Bayo kissed me…..and Dayo took off my bra…..they placed me on my side ….one brother on each side……one (I had lost track by now) was kissing my lips, my neck….my boobs and the other was behind me cupping and squeezing my ass….while kissing and licking my neck.

They were so in sync…it was like they had done it before……just as I felt a finger on my clit and I thought I was going to cum……there was a LOUD knock on the door……….their attention was needed!

The police was outside and they wanted to see the brothers…..I was so horny!! I almost cried…..we all got dressed hurriedly…….one of them rushed out….the remaining one said “what’s your pin?” As he handed me his phone….I quickly entered my pin into his bb and he dashed off…….I quickly went into the bathroom in the room to straighten and freshen up!

Immediately, I left the party and went straight home. I took off all my clothes, and relieved my ‘horny-ness’ with my shower head…

Now, it’s been three days and I’ve heard nothing from Dayo or Bayo. I’m frigging pissed!

Should I get in touch with them so we can finish what we started ? Or should i just hug my shower head and let it go?

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