The Bad Girl Diaries: “Yes Master”



“Lets try something new…..”

Thats what he said to me as we spoon fucked one evening.

I was surprised….

“Is something wrong? “

“Are you bored?”

I asked.

He laughed and said “At all…..” as he flipped me onto my belly and went in deeper.

As I moaned, I couldn’t but wonder if he was telling lies.

I was always the adventurous one. The one who would bring something new into the bedroom. The one who would make any man mine with my bedroom skills.

Two days later, he came to my place with a small suitcase.

Inside the suitcase was a collar, handcuffs, various sex toys, a weird leather mask and a whip.

“Are you ready for this?” He asked

I quickly said yes (So he wouldn’t think I’m boring)

He gave me a few ground rules.

1) I would call him Sir

2) I would wear the collar

3) He would handcuff me

4) He would “discipline” me if I was “naughty”

5) Our “Safe word” would be “Cease”

I was nervous and he could tell but he promised not to hurt me.

He kissed me as he handcuffed me to the bed. Told me open my legs as wide as possible. Then he put the collar on me.

“You are so damn sexy……” he said as he started to lick my pussy………..

I have gotten head so many times before but there was something about that day…….

Maybe it’s cos I was tied up…..Or maybe it’s cos he kept asking me if I liked it and I had to reply “Yes Sir”

I came fast! Twice!

He repositioned himself. Vibrator in his hand. He got on top of me in the “69″ position. His dick was hard and big. I sucked him….licked him…… he teased my pussy and clit with his tongue and the vibrator. I came sooooo many times!! I lost count and was slightly dizzy!

He unlocked the handcuffs and led me with the collar to the floor

He put on the leather mask and started spanking me hard on my ass.

He said “Say thank you Sir every time I spank you”

At first it was funny but he started hitting me hard and I wanted to say the Safe word but I didn’t want to ruin it.

He saw that I was less than enthusiastic and he reached for the whip.

He said “You are being naughty, I am going to discipline you….”

I said “Are you MAD???

He was still trying to whip me when I screamed “CEASE!!!!!”

He stopped, took off the mask and said “Ahn ann Why did you say the safe word nah? The fun was JUST about to start!”

I was like “You are a sadist! You want to whip me? Ode!”

I made him leave!

Idiot guy! He wants to whip me because of what?

Abeg Abeg Abeg!!

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