How To Keep Married Sex Exciting



Marriage is not all about sex but we have to admit, sex plays a very important role in the happiness of the two people spending their lives together.

However good a couple’s sex life is, it can always be better. The truth is, in life, nothing is meant to be stagnant. Everything is meant to either be growing or dying. When something is stagnant, it is actually dying because growth signifies life and marriage is not an exception.

Here are tips to help amp up the passion in the bedroom…

Create a love-filled and romantic atmosphere

Achieving better performance does not start in bed; it starts with you creating a love-filled and romantic atmosphere that is conducive for there to be a spark between you and your spouse at any moment. To ensure a love-filled and romantic atmosphere in the home, you must “stay in touch” with your spouse. This will entail you touching him/her, speaking through eye contact, sitting together to watch television, sending text messages and so forth. You and your spouse must also create room for proper communication and this requires that you respect each other’s views. Never explain away any complaint from your partner as this brings about tension, rather than romance. Resolve all conflicts quickly, however difficult this may be. Never sweep any conflict under the carpet. Learn the art of playing and cracking jokes with each other for this enhances intimacy and prepares you emotionally for sexual acts.

Have a frank talk with your spouse

Frank talk between a couple that is working towards better marital relationship and better sexual performance will afford them the opportunity of ironing out whatever might have been constituting hindrance to achieving these goals in times past. This is because, rather than assuming what pleases or displeases your spouse, it gives you the opportunity to hear from him/her what you have been doing that you need to stop doing, and what you should do that you have not been doing. This will go a long way to make things better between you. It is wrong assumption for you to think you are satisfying your spouse a hundred percent.

Be love-driven rather than passion-driven

It is important you do not create the impression that you are only driven by your passion to satisfy your sexual urge and not by your love for your spouse. Many men do not take into the needs of their wife into consideration. The aim of sex is mutual satisfaction, and a couple should endeavor to give as much as they receive.

Treat her like a bride

Because men usually don’t have problem of sexual arousal and reaching orgasm due to the way they are made, it is often the woman that needs to be worked on to make sexual arousal and orgasm a reality. Therefore, every man should take it one step further by treating her like a new bride. No matter how long you have been married, every woman still relishes the idea of being treated like a new bride.

Experiment with new styles

This is also the need to try new sex positions. This creates great excitement for the couple as they explore better ways of deriving sexual satisfaction for each other. It’s like eating a type of food in many ways. For instance, eating beans as moinmoin, akara, beans soup (gbegiri), and so forth. So, use this period to make life more beautiful for yourselves by breaking new grounds in love making. You can also try new locations and different times of the day; if you have always done it at night, try during the day. If it has always been in your house, you can go for a ‘picnic’ with your loved one. All these will help in renewing your commitment to one another.

Educate yourself on the art of lovemaking

Readiness to learn the art of lovemaking by every couple will make them masters at the act, and thus help them ‘live happily forever thereafter.’ Dr. Ed Wheat of Springdale, Arkansas, United States of America, once said, “If you do what comes naturally in lovemaking, almost every time you will be wrong.” This is because like every other physical activity in life, the art of lovemaking must be learnt. That is why couples must invest in literatures, seminars and conferences, and programmes where such knowledge is imparted. After all, without sexual fulfillment, a person is not complete.

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