T.I Has A Sex Tape



Can you imagine watching T.I. and Tiny getting down in a sex tape?

Last night, while the two were spotted hitting up the premiere of “Identity Theft”, Tiny’s new show Tiny Tonight debuted with a special Valentine’s Day special. And Tiny didn’t hold back as she talked about how she and T.I. could get tons of money if they ever had a chance to sell their homemade sex tape.  According to Tiny, they’ve made a tape that was so nasty that even she could never watch it again.

[It was] real nasty. [Claudia: On a scale of one to ten?] Fifteen. They were nasty. They were outside and everything. It was ridiculous. I had fun and the police got it [when they raided our house] and they probably had fun with it too.[…]I just wanted to see if it looks as good as it really is. Our sex tape was like…we could probably get ten million.

Get it in then.

They’ve been together long enough to show a few couples some bedroom tricks. -_-


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