6 Sex Toys To Try This Valentines Day



Here are six toys we think you might enjoy for a little something-something extra this Valentine’s Day.

Let us know how it goes … if you’re willing to kiss and tell.

1. Butt Plug


Flowers, chocolate … anal training? These butt plugs, which come in three sizes (you’ll want to slowly work your way up from small to large), are perfect for play or for innocuous day-wear.

2. Sex Swing


This playground is rated R …. Try all the sex positions you used to think were impossible with your very own sex swing.

3. Feather/Leather Spanker


Are you a good girl who’ll enjoy the gentle touch of the marabou feather?  Or a bad girl who’ll feel the black leather spanker’s other end?

4. Vibrating Cock Ring


Don’t be put off by its odd, fleshy appearance: a vibrating cock ring is a delightful  toy for both his pleasure and hers. Plus, its easy to wash!

5. Bondage Tape


Tie me to the bedpost!  If you love a good kinky bargain, you should know that  bondage tape is easy to cut and reusable. It sticks to itself, but not to skin, so the only stickiness will be the ones you create.

6 Vibrator


This LELO vibe with six different power modes comes on the recommendation of my sluttiest girl friend. (And I meant that as a compliment!) She says its amazing for both external and internal play and because it runs with a charger, you’ll never run out of batteries!

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