Erotic Story: “When I Get Back”



I love that smile.

The one you give me when I walk in the door from being out of town. Your whole face lights up and I can see the barely contained giddiness in your eyes. It’s a big, beautiful, infectious smile that spreads to my face quickly. I love when you give me that smile.

You like to run into my arms, get wrapped up and gathered in a big bear hug. Your giggles in my ear only make the moment sweeter. Your arms wrapped around my shoulders, mine around your waist. I like holding you above me, off the floor. It lets you know that I am strong, powerful and capable of protecting you. I do it just to remind you that you are my girl. I love you, sweet and innocent, just the way you are.

I like holding you up until you kiss me and beg me to put you down. I make it a game to see how long I can hold you up and how much you’ll beg me to stop.

And then we start kissing in earnest. Soft, full lipped kisses at first; growing in need until our mouths part and our tongues flick out to taste one another. They grow more intense as we begin to kiss deeper, penetrating each other with our tongues, wrestling with them inside each other’s mouths.

By now, our hands aren’t just holding each other. They are rubbing up and down the other’s backs, as far down as your ass, yours up into my hair. I grab your ass while you tug at my hair, both of us desperate for more.

It’s then that you begin to rub yourself on my thigh trying to get friction on your clit and grinding your soft pelvis on to my ever growing bulge. Our hands switch positions as I start to pull softly on your long, brown tresses and you get two handfuls of my ass, occasionally administering swats of various velocities.

We are both moaning into each other’s mouths as our hands get more desperate. A flurry of tugging, unzipping, unhooking, and pulling ensues until our clothes are strewn about our feet, our bare flesh pressed upon one another.

I pull you over to the couch. I sit and pull you to straddle, all without parting our lips from one another. Our need for each other is growing. I’ve become completely hard for you and your bare, shaved pussy is starting to leak wetness on to me as you slide your lips up and down the seven inches of my cock.

You finally break the kisses of your lips to immediately attack my neck with your kisses. I moan in response to your lips and tongue traveling from my shoulder, up my neck, to my ear where you breathe hot air with a trace of your moaning arousal beneath.

“Baby, my body missed you,” is all you whisper and my cock twitches beneath you, letting out the first drop of pre-cum and coating our stomachs.

You put your nose to mine briefly, staring me in the eye before kissing me hard again, sucking my bottom lip into your mouth and letting it slide between your barely parted teeth as you pull back from me. You keep my gaze and moan seductively while you lick your lips, before throwing your head down and licking my chest.

You work your way from straddling me, to kneeling on the floor in front of me where you continue your oral assault on my stomach. Licking, kissing, and the occasional bite keep me moaning, throwing my head back in ecstasy and keep my fingers running through your hair.

You lick your way back toward my shoulders, but not before pulling a nipple into your mouth, sucking and tonguing it before letting it pop from your mouth.

With your tongue leading the way, you come in for another kiss, your mouth hot and wet and your tongue plump from all the work it’s been doing.

You break the kiss and lie on your back pulling the back of my neck as you fall, guiding my face directly to your right nipple.

I take as much of your breast into my mouth as I can and gently suck while I swirl my tongue around your rapidly hardening tit. I suck just on the nipple some and then remove my mouth completely before flicking my tongue on your soft mound.

Once the right breast has had enough attention, I kiss my way across your chest and give the left the same erotic tongue bath.

When I’m done getting your nipple hard and your breasts sensitive, I palm both, rubbing and squeezing while my tongue snakes up your chest, licking from your shoulder to the nape of your neck and to your ear in one agonizing electric lick.

You shudder and goosebumps appear all over your body as I take your earlobe into my mouth and begin giving hot, slow kisses to your ear. One hand stays on your breasts, working back and forth between them. The other hand grabs a handful of hair to hold you in place so you hear me breathing heavily into your ear.

I kiss my way back down your body, giving your neck and both nipples a little extra attention. More slow, goosebump inducing licks cover your stomach and your hands instinctively move to the back of my head.

I can feel your slight push, trying to get my mouth to your pulsing clit, but I take my time. I kiss all over your lower stomach, even biting and sucking hard attempting to leave my mark of dominance on you.

You finally get what you want when my head makes its way between your thighs, but I delay a little more, licking your soft pussy lips and kissing just outside your smooth, wet entrance.

I tease and lick, tease and lick, tease and lick, until you finally snap, “Suck my fucking clit. Now.”

My mouth moves like lightning to your folds, I’m so eager to give you what you desperately crave. Your grip loosens when my mouth sucks you in and my tongue begins working your delicious button in my mouth. You immediately begin to moan and gently caress my scalp. I know you are getting what you desired and there is no thought in your mind other than, ‘YES!’

I continue to use my tongue on you, sometimes swirling, sometimes flicking, and sometimes pushing your clit back and forth with the flat part of my tongue. When I really want to drive you crazy, I suck on your slit lightly, hold it with my teeth and use the underside of my tongue to lick left and right rapidly, all while I hum a low tone.

The only time I take my mouth away from your clit is to give your pussy long, ice cream cone like licks from bottom to top. Slow and delicious, this is when your love honey seeps out onto my tongue and I taste your sweet nectar. I turn my face sideways and shove my tongue as deep inside you as I can, trying my best to lick your g spot.

With all of your moaning and the amount of cum that now coats my lips, chin and face, I decide you’ve had enough. I move my face up to yours, and without wiping my mouth, kiss you deeply, spreading your cum from my face to yours.

“Lick me clean,” I command you, giving you a steely stare. You obey quickly and begin giving my face a tongue bath, eventually kissing and sucking every drop of your own pussy off my face.

“Good girl,” I comment when I think you are all done, “Now get your mouth to work.”

I don’t allow you the slow work up I gave you. I lean back, grab two fistfuls of your hair and push your head hard toward my cock. You open your mouth and immediately I push your head down until I can feel the back of your throat. I hold you there for a brief second and pull you up hard, hearing you gasp for air.

I give you a few seconds to regain your composure before I ram your head down on my cock again. This time you choke and sputter slightly as I hold your head down for almost five seconds. Spit drools out of your mouth and onto my cock when your mouth hangs over me. You pant wildly for air and try to swallow all the excess saliva in your mouth.

I pull your hair back and make you look me in the eye when I ask you, “Do you want to get your face fucked, baby girl?”

You swallow again, give me your best innocent face, and nod vigorously. “Yes please,” you plead.

“Then get ready,” I tell you.

This time you put your hair in a scrunchie and I hold your ponytail with just my right hand. I decide I’m not done choking you with my cock yet, and plug your nose with my left hand as I push down again with my right. I hold you there for just a second after I feel you struggle to come up. Just to make sure you know who is in charge and that I will always push your limits. You cough and spit more on my long shaft, watching your saliva cover my balls and slide all the way down to my ass.

I push your head down again, allowing you to take just the tip of my cock in your mouth. Then I begin fucking your mouth. Slow and shallow at first, I slowly pick up speed and depth until you are taking a comfortable four inches in and out very rapidly.

I slow down and move both hands to each side of your head. You feel me holding you firmly, tightly and slightly lower on my dick as I begin again. This time not slowly or shallow.

I start fucking your throat. You do your best to absorb the assault my throbbing, hot dick is giving your throat but you can’t. Your hands shoot up and try to push yourself away from my thighs, but I have you held tight. I won’t let you move and I won’t let up slamming the back of your throat with my cock. I give you just a few more pumps before holding you down one last time, deep throating nearly my whole dick, your nose nearly grinding my pubes.

When I finally let you up, spit falls from your gaping mouth. You gasp deeply for air and the corners of your eyes have watered. You had just gotten your first real brutal face fuck. Your own spit glistens on your chin. You feel ravaged, but smile at me and say, “I LOVED that”.

You lie back on the couch, your head resting on the arm, with one foot on the ground, and the other up on the back of the couch. You push your knees apart and show me the wet hole between your legs. It’s glistening and nearly dripping wet.

There’s a look of pure need and anticipation on your face as I position myself between your thighs, one hand holding the base of my cock so I can tease your pussy. Rubbing my head all over your clit, I let my pre-cum add to the mess on your pussy.

I move to your entrance and feed you barely an inch. You moan and buck your hips, your body begging for more. But I just keep teasing from your hole to your clit, spreading your own lube all over yourself. When the look in your eye goes from need to pure desperation, like you are dying and I am your only cure, then I give you my length.

All of it.

In one gliding stroke, you take my entire dick deep inside you, Rushing past your g spot and filling you oh so full. This is the time I receive one of the best rewards.

The look on your face as you take my cock for the first time after teasing and playing for a long time is my favorite thing during sex. It’s a look of pain, and of fulfillment. Total lust and wild passion. I can see you lose who you are, where you are, and the world around you just briefly as your body explodes in complete sensory overload. I love the look of agony and ecstasy. However, it is fleeting. I see the world fade back into your eyes and this is when I know you are ready to get fucked.

This is when I decide this isn’t the time when you want deep, slow strokes. You just want to get your cunt drilled. So I oblige.

I begin a decent pace of bouncing up and down on you, slamming my entire length inside you, making hard contact with your clit on every down stroke. I love when we fall into a perfect rhythm. You rebound from the couch as I bounce up. Just as you are about to start falling back to the couch, I push back in, splitting your tight hole, spreading you out, loosening your tight treasure.

It feels so delicious. And I can tell by the look on your face, you feel just the same. I move my eyes up and down your body, unable to decide what the best view is. I can watch your eyes, your face. See you transform from my sweet girlfriend to a cock craving slut. Watch you stare me down, urging me to never stop fucking you and to always pound you this good.

I can watch your tits, bouncing and rocking about. I love grabbing on to one or both while I fuck you, trying to give you just a little extra pleasure and make even more fireworks go off in your brain. Or I can watch my cock slide in and out of your split pink lips. I love seeing my cock come out of you, shiny with your girl cum, before I plunge back inside you, just to withdraw again, more coated with each stroke.

I move my eyes back and forth, taking in your beauty and the splendor of your 22 year old, tight body.

When I think you’ve had enough warm up, I slide out of you, oh so slowly and watch your face. Your pussy begs to be filled and gapes open with my withdrawal. This is another moment where you lose yourself. You look as though I’m taking away your ability to breathe. That my cock inside you is keeping you alive. That is the desperation and hunger in your eyes when we fuck.

I sit near you, facing outward and pat my thighs to let you know I want you to climb on. You pull yourself off your back and swing your leg over me. I reach around you and grab two handfuls of your perfect ass while you hold my cock, guiding me back into your lustful need.

I love when you slide down me slowly, feeling every hard inch slowly enveloped by your hole. But this time, you place me right at your entrance and sit down hard, ramming my cock through you and tearing you apart. A loud moan exits your body and you are ready to start riding my dick.

You start by rocking your hips while you are taking all of me, allowing your clit to grind against me. With my hands on your ass, I help you rock forward and back, giving your ass hard slaps every few seconds.

I scoot back on the couch and allow you to get your knees and shins up on the couch. You begin to bounce on me, tits and ass bouncing beautifully. I push you up with my hips every time you bottom out, causing you to rocket up before falling hard again, impaling your pink pussy on me.

I sit back giving you a long appreciative moan. You’ve gotten so good at riding me. I love just sitting back and enjoying the sensations as well as the show you put on.

When you start to slow, I pull at your knees, getting you to put your feet flat on the couch. A broad smile crosses your face, because you know what comes next.

You lean forward, kiss me hard on the mouth and balance yourself on my shoulders. With that smile still on your face, you look back and forth into my eyes and beg me with that look that tells me to nail you and never stop.

I oblige, thrusting up into your pussy hard, slamming into your clit. I speed up, hitting all your spots hard and fast. You cry out and moan louder and louder, screaming my name just as your pussy can’t take any more.

You buck off of me. Your body convulses, your pussy shooting hot cum all over my stomach and even my chest. You smile a very contented smile and growl at me, showing your appreciation for your mini orgasm.

You sit back down on my cock, guiding me back inside you. You lean forward and give me a hard, full lipped kiss and pull away smiling. You rub your hands across my chest and stomach, rubbing your warm cum into my body.

“Keep fucking me, baby” is all you say as you reposition your body to take more sex.

I drill you. Over and over. You continue to cover me in cum and keep rubbing it in, every time seeming to produce more and more of your sweet love juice.

After a few more of your squirting episodes, you’ve covered me from my neck to my thighs, my whole body glistening.

“Let’s go shower, baby,” you tell me.

Climbing off the couch and heading for the stairs, I watch you from the couch. Your beautiful curves sway back and forth. Your goddess body demands more pleasure. I follow you, hungry for more of you.

I follow you to the bathroom and watch you bend over to turn the water on. This is too much of an invitation for me to pass up. I drop to my knees, grabbing your ass with both hands, kissing and biting with my mouth. You let out a sharp cry of surprise and pleasure.

After a few minutes of this, I know the water is warm enough. I know you are just staying for the attention, so I give you more. Grabbing your ass and spreading it open slightly, I probe your asshole with my tongue. It tightens and I know you love it. My tongue gets deep into your ass. You moan, reach back and hold my face hard against your beautiful booty.

After another minute of me probing your hole, you pull my face back, look me straight in the eye and tell me, “Let’s get you cleaned up, dirty boy.”

“Yes, baby,” is my only reply when you give me a command.

You flip the water to the shower and get in behind me, turning me to face the shower head. The hot water pounds my chest and you rub while pressing yourself against my back. Your hands trail up and down my body, eventually working your way down to my cock. Massaging softly, you let your fingertips trace the veins on my shaft, dragging your fingernails tenderly over my balls.

You begin to stroke my still hard erection with you left hand as your turn me to face sideways. You love seeing my cock stick straight out for you. And you stare while stroking me, your moans and sounds of approval loud enough to be heard over the pounding water.

Your right hand traces my spine down to my ass caressing, grabbing, digging your nails in and even slapping my ass hard. Every loud swat is followed my gentle rubbing and every hit seems to be harder than the last. You begin to elicit sharp intakes of breath from me as I can feel my ass getting red and sore from your relentless punishment.

When you seem to have had enough, you slide your hand between my ass cheeks, your middle finger leading the charge.

“Now,” you say, still stroking my cock and rubbing my asshole, “are you going to fuck me some more?”

At this moment you shove the length of your middle finger in my ass, causing me to take on a look of shock and pleasure. “Or am I going to have to fuck you?”

You wiggle your middle finger around in my ass, causing my cock to leak more and more pre-cum.

You scoop it up with the fingers of your left hand and push them into my mouth. I suck you clean, your middle finger still pushing deeper into my ass.

I reach back, pull your hand from my ass and feel your finger leave me, knowing for a moment a small piece of the emptiness your feel when I withdraw from you. I grab your hair roughly and pull your head back causing your mouth to open. I move in, for more of a penetrative tongue fuck of your mouth, rather than a kiss.

“Bend over, slut” are my only words to you as I push your head toward the faucet. You know the position I want you in. You bend over, presenting your holes to me.

I greedily grab your hips and shove myself back into your still moist, still hot pussy. I give you a few long smooth strokes to get you warmed up, making you take my whole length. I can feel my cock bottom out in your pussy, balls deep and pushing deeper in you than you’ve ever had.

Then the real fucking begins. With my hands firmly holding your hips, sometimes slapping your ass hard enough to leave clear handprints, I start tearing your pussy up.

As I fuck you, your moans and sounds get louder. Louder. Louder. Until you are absolutely screaming in pleasure, the words falling out of your mouth, the most primal things your mind can possibly fathom during this incredible pleasure. It’s at this point that you reach between your thighs and begin to work your clit.

I can feel the muscles inside you grip me, pulsing and tightening as your legs go stiff. You are about to cum. With an ear splitting shriek, your whole body tightens and bucks on my cock. You don’t stop the long scream of my name. Your fingers furiously working your clit, I never stop slamming into you, though your pussy is working against me and attempting to push me out.

You push yourself up to stand and collapse backward into my arms. I wrap my arms around your waist; still feeling you shake and twitch. Your legs go completely limp and I have to support your whole weight. This continues, your breaths short and broken.

Then your body has one last hard convulsion and you go completely limp in my arms, your breathing slowing and becoming deeper. Your whole body starts to shake in my arms as your whisper to me, “That was the best orgasm I’ve had in my entire life.”

I beam with pride as you turn to throw your arms over me and try to hold your own weight up. After thirty seconds of long, labored breaths, you finally open your eyes. There is gratitude. Satisfaction. And I know you are in a place you’ve never been before. I can see your orgasmic afterglow in your eyes.

“Thank you, thank you, thank you,” you whisper over and over to me. “THAT,” you say, life returning to your voice, “deserves a reward.”

You turn from me, turn the shower off and turn back. You place one hand on my shoulder, the other on my head, pushing me down to your pussy.

When I reach my knees, you put one foot up on the side of the shower and move both hands to the back of my head, shoving my face violently into your pussy. I nearly crush my nose, but you don’t seem to notice as you growl, “Eat my fucking cunt, slave.”

Again, your commands make me obey with all of my might, and I begin to lick up all your expelled cum. From your clit to your lips to deep inside you, my tongue travels anywhere I can reach. Your pussy is very swollen at this point and your clit is fully showing, begging for attention.

You pull my hair on top of my head to get me back from your pussy and stare at me. Your right hand trails down to your pussy and two fingers slide in easily.

“This is your reward,” you tell me, as you start furiously pumping your fingers in and out of yourself, slapping your clit with your palm hard with every thrust in. “Open your mouth.”

I get beneath you, my mouth wide and tongue out waiting for you to allow me to drink your cum. I don’t have to wait that long. As soon as your squirting begins, you move your fingers out of your pussy and aim yourself at my face. I feel your hot cum splash my face, dripping into my mouth. When you finish squirting, you squat a little lower and clean yourself with my tongue.

I close my mouth, and licking my lips, I swallow your sweet girl cum. While I am enjoying the sweet taste of my reward, you smear your cum covered fingers across my lips and my face, slapping me on the cheek when they are clean.

This whole process is repeated. Twice. Each time you squirt more and more into my mouth. Each time getting messier and nearing coating my whole face. You clean your fingers on my face every time and soon all I can smell is your drying cum on my face. The slaps get harder as well. The last time, completely turns my face 90 degrees as you channel your lust into something physical.

You make yourself squirt one more time. This time you close my mouth and splash your cum on my closed mouth and eyes. I love the feeling of you marking me this way, covering me in your love, knowing that everything you have squirted on today is yours.

My face is soaked. I can feel your cum streaming down my face and onto my neck. I love the feeling of it dripping off my chin.

“Let’s go get you off, baby,” you tell me as you step from the shower, leaving me on my knees.

I smile. I know just how you will make me cum tonight. As I’m drying off, I still feel my ass stinging from your spanking, my face hot and red from the slaps you gave me and my asshole still a little tender from the way you shoved your finger inside me.

I take you by the hand and lead you downstairs. We walk toward the kitchen. I answer none of your questions as you plead to know what we are doing, where we are going.

I lead you to the back of the couch. One hand I push along the front of your body, over your beautiful breast. The other I rub up your back, massaging the muscles by your spine. My hands meet near your head. My right hand clamps around your throat while my left grabs your hair and pulls you violently back.

“I’m taking what I want,” I snarl into your face. Spinning you around and shoving you over the back of the couch is easy.

“Please,” you begin to beg, “I can’t be fucked any more. Can I just get you off with my mouth?”

I shove your head down with a pillow, holding you roughly there while I spit in my hand and lube my cock. It’s then that you feel me pushing at the entrance to your asshole. My head slips in easily and I hear you moan in pain and pleasure. I allow you a moment to get used to being this full before pushing two more inches up your ass.

“Ow, ow, is that all of it?” you cry, trying to look back at me.

I smile and laugh, don’t respond but give you two more inches, your ass spreading wide around my dick. It’s so tight, so warm, and so very deliciously nasty being deep in your ass.

You whimper and whine more and more as you feel your ass being torn in half.

It’s then that I give you all of my cock. The high pitched sound that comes out of your throat is the sound that I know I have hit undiscovered territory. You may have given out your ass before, but never this much, never this deep. I relish the feeling of your tightness against the base of my cock, your pussy dampening my balls.

And then I start giving it to you, sliding in and out, smooth and slow, without pause on either end. You are breathing deeply, trying to manage the pain while spreading your legs wider, trying to make it hurt less.

My only response is to begin pounding your asshole. Like a porn star, you are taking a huge cock up your ass. And like a porn star, you are screaming with every thrust. I grunt, groan and growl at you as your asshole gives me just what I need.

It doesn’t take long for you to get me close to orgasm, your tight ass doing its job well. You can feel me pulse in your ass, each pulse sending ripples of pain and pleasure throughout your body.

“Where do you want this load, little girl?” I ask never slowing my furious pace.

Between screams of pain and loving what is being done to you, your manage to cry out, barely able to get the words out as I pound sounds out of you that you can’t control, “My…Uh…Uh…Uh…Pussy!!!”

Then I get too close. My cock is about to erupt. I slide all the way out of your ass and straight up your pussy, taking only a few strokes before I fill your pussy with shot after shot of my warm cum.

Your face is an incredible mixture of pain, relief, satisfaction, pride and love. Your ass is on fire, your pussy is satisfied, and you lie over the back of the couch, knowing you’ve just had the best sex of your life.

You stand up slowly and turn to face me. Your eyes hold smoldering embers behind them. You pull my face in hard for a kiss and switch places with me. You back yourself up to one of the bar stools and sit up on the edge with your legs spread. With two handfuls of my hair, a dark look flashes behind your eyes.

“Clean up the fucking mess you just made, bitch,” you command, shoving my head down to your pussy, holding my nose with one hand and shoving my face into you with the other.

I have to open my mouth to breathe and get my tongue out to please you as best I can. I lick on your clit for just a moment before I hear you scream at me, “Lower!”

You push my head down further and with my mouth still open, I begin to eat your cum filled pussy. I lick your entrance, savoring the heat you give off and the softness of your lips post fuck. Then I feel you start to push.

My cum starts streaming out of your cunt, a mixture of our juices sliding from your pussy to my tongue. I can feel you pushing and pushing, trying to get all my sperm out of you and onto my tongue.

You pull my face back up and command me to show you. I can feel a pool formed in the middle of my tongue. Your eyes grow large and light up, loving the sight that I show you.

“Now swallow like a good boy.”

I close my mouth and swallow hard, tasting our love mixed together. You give a moan of satisfaction and witnessed sexiness as you push me back down to clean up more. You push out a bit more into my mouth and bring me up to kiss you. Your tongue invades my mouth and you suck the mixture from my mouth, swallowing it yourself.

You push me back, lick your lips, and just say, “Yummy.”

I completely agree.

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