5 Sizzling Bedroom Tips You Just Gotta Try



Here are some sizzling tips for getting down and dirty tonight.

1) Bust out the whips. No, silly, not the big Catwoman whips — the naughty feather ones that don’t REALLY hurt. But if you use them just right, they can turn your guy on like nothing else.

2) Oil me up. Hit up your local pharmacy and/or sex shop and see if you can find some of that tasty warming oil and use it to give your guy the most sensuous rub of his life.

3) Curtains match the drapes. Buy a matching set of lacy red panties and a bra to go with it. Be sure to wear the outfit when you go out for dinner so that just enough of it peeks through so your man knows what he’s in for when he gets home.

4) Silk sheets. There’s nothing wrong with a new set of silk sheets to get down and dirty on. Find a set of red silk sheets and prepare to make love in the most erotic ways.

5) Time to groom. Bust out the electric shaver, visit your local waxing joint, and get your undercarriage nice and pretty for your guy. And for you! We all know there’s nothing hotter than a sexy wax job.

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