What Your Sexual Fantasy Says About You


Do you wish to dominate, or do you dream of being dominated? Is public sex your thing would you prefer a little group-action. Whatever the case may be, or how freaky your fantasies are, it sure says a lot more about your personality than you know.

So, let’s break down the psychology of your sexual fantasy life now, shall we?

Public Sex:

The Fantasy: You want it in an almost-deserted alley way, on the dance floor at the club, up against a tree in the park.

What It Means: People might not guess this about you from your outward appearance, but you’re a risk-taker. You don’t mind getting your hands dirty and taking insane risk when your something important to you (and in this case, your pleasure) is on the line.

Role Play

The Fantasy: Two strangers in a bar, student and teacher, cop and criminal: every sexual scenario that turns you on has to have a storyline, or else you’re bored.

What It Means: You like drama. You like creating scenes and causing excitement. It’s never a boring time with you.

Same Sex Hook-up

The Fantasy: You’re drawn to the idea of snogging with someone of the same gender as you. Just once. Or maybe a few times.

What It Means: You are open-minded, but don’t like to broadcast it to the world, keeping your naughty side under wraps. You don’t like being boxed in. You love to explore both sides.


The Fantasy: Sex against your bedroom window with all the blinds open so the neighbors can see.

What It Means: You long to be recognized for your abilities. You like being the center of attention. You never pass a window or mirror without pausing to check yourself out, and you expect others to do the same. Aren’t you just the little freak…


The Fantasy: Bent over a knee and spanked senseless. Paddled until your bum is black and blue.

What It Means: You’re tired of being so self-critical. You long for somebody else to punish you.

Food Play

The Fantasy: Whipped cream, chocolate body paint, honey, strawberries, you don’t care as long as you’re going to get fed.

What It Means: In case you weren’t aware, you’re an emotional eater. To you, food solves all problems, and relieves all tension.


The Fantasy: You want your guy to put it where the sun don’t shine.

What It Means: You’re unconventional. Quirky. A natural contrarian. You didn’t read Fifty Shades of Grey (too mainstream!); you self-published your own version called Sixty Shades Of Brown.

Being Tied Up

The Fantasy: You long to be bound, tied with rope, tape, restrained by your partner, relinquish all control.

What It Means: You are a control freak, you try so hard to control everything else around you and this fantasy shows you long for someone to take the reins for a change, lose control and let someone else make the decisions.


The Fantasy: Three doesn’t sounds like a crowd to you. You want a third in bedroom.

What It Means: Sharing has never been a problem for you. In school you were the only person who got excited about group projects. Now you want to work on a group project of your own.


The Fantasy: You want to go to a key party bad.

What It Means: Variety is the spice in your life. When you can’t decide what you want to order when you go out to dinner, you order one of everything.

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